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Mutineers, it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged here – I’ve been traveling and collecting stories from the motherland for a project (which I’ll catch you up on a little later). Since I’ve been back, I’ve been downloading new music with a frenzy and it seems that quite a few musical friends of The Mutiny have been busy while I’ve been gone. Chee Malabar dropped a free EP (The Burning Tire Artisan) and the ENTIRE Das Racist album Shut Up, Dude (including the infamous Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell) is downloadable for free off of their Myspace. Sub Swara remixed a Balkan Beat Box song, also downloadable for free. All songs are in heavy rotation on the ipod. Riz MC is streaming his new album MICroscope in it’s entirety for a limited time and tonight Arthi Meera‘s band Fair and Kind is uStreaming a live show tonight at 6pm PST. Not to mention M.I.A.’s latest XXXO is my greatest jam, no thanks to Lady Gaga.

Since it’s “Music Monday” I thought, I’d share some finds and see what you think.

The above video comes from Koom the Ripper, a new kid outta Southern California with a first album dropping some time this year. I heard of him through the guys of Slant, (who also are the back up dancers in this video) and I gotta admit, the song sounds like it belongs at a college Asian American talent show competition. But I thought the video was cool and Koom has definite potential. You can download his entire LP American Muscle for free here.

I’ve been loving the new Das Racist album Shut Up, Dude – the hooks are catchy and Heems drops lyrical references to V.S. Naipul, Dinesh DeSouza, and John Abraham. Though sometimes the lyrics are coded in subtext atop subtext. I’m completely mesmerized by the above video to Fake Patois.

While in Delhi, I went dancing at a drum and bass party thrown by the D&B collective called BASSFoundation. It was there that I met Taru aka Delhi Sultanate and he has the fake patois down to a T. He jumped on the mic and I was instantaneously a big fan. He’s working on some really interesting music collaborating with grassroots activists in the villages of India. Keep an eye on this one.

In Abu Dhabi last month, I was able to make it out to the WOMAD festival, which was one of the highlights to my adventure. Though there were many performances, I was drawn to the dynamic stage presence of Transglobal Underground. Though their latest album dropped a year ago, it’s new to me. I bought it.

Though it’s an old song, The Kominas released a new music video to Shahria Law in the USA. I love the campy old skool feeling in this video – and have been curious where they got the footage from, though it’s a deep dark secret. The band is busy recording their second album and will be going on tour in the United Kingdom sometime in June. And as much as I love this “official music video” I’m a much bigger fan of the latest KTV episode where the boys get ‘Aunty Advice.’ It’s too classic.

Well there you have it – enough free music to download and videos to keep you occupied musically until the next Music Monday. Stay mutinous.

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6 thoughts on “Music Monday for the Mutiny

  1. I’m loving “Fake Patois.”

    Isn’t it awesome? My favorites on the Das Racist album are “You Outta Know”, “Coochie Dip City” and “Shorty Said”.

  2. The “Sharia Law” video was my favorite of these. It reminded me of the movie “Easy Rider” but with Muslimas instead of hippies.

  3. The footage of women on bicycles (and the boat bit at the beginning, I am 99% sure) is from the 2000 film “Roozi ke Zan Shodam,” (The Day I Became a Woman), by Iranian director Marzieh Makhmalbaf. The whole film is surreal, gorgeous, poignant and definitely worth tracking down. It’s a triptych with three brief stories of women in different stages of life which only subtly interlace. This bit with the bicycle race is from the second story.

  4. The Das Racist mixtape is absolutely great. (I keep listening and uncover another turn of phrase we’re they’re fucking around with you, the listener, and that’s awesome.)

    I can’t wait for M.I.A.’s new album, if the new singles so far are any indication. Everyone’s gonna be humming “XXXO” this summer.

  5. Koom the Ripper’s video, song, and message are all brilliant. He’s a wonderful musician, and I loved his use of analog instruments as opposed to synths. His message about Indian videos featuring light-skinned people resonated with me.

    The “Fake Patois” video was so bizarre and cringe-worthy. I can’t get over that effeminate male dancer doing those high kicks using the exact leg. The Patriots should recruit him. I wonder if he walks Monty Python style.

    I checked out Delhi Sultanate’s Myspace page, and he’s brilliant. He’s so Jamaican, even though he’s as Indian as they get.

    Haven’t tried the other video, but I’m familiar with “Sharia Law in the USA”. They’ve got potential. They’re young bourgeouise, and once they hone their business plan, will have a lucrative career after they receive their MBAs from the Wharton School.