Valentine’s Day Shararaten(Shenanigans)

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, mutineers. Hope you lovely folks got all the flowers, chocolates and cards you deserve. I was doing a little post-celebratory research tonight on Valentine’s Day and came across a couple of interesting facts I thought you folks might like to learn a la our good friend, Wikipedia. For instance, did you know that American men spend twice as much money on Valentine’s Day than women? And that in Paris, there was a ‘High Court of Love’ established on Valentine’s Day in 1400 that dealt with crimes against women? And that the judges for that court were picked by women, based on their love poetry? Oh yeah, and finally did you know that in India, Hindu fundamentalists highly discourage the celebration of Valentine’s Day? Of course you do, you read SM. We’ve covered that in the past. Not to worry, Shiv Sena continued its anti-Valentine’s Day diatribes this year, although they were a little distracted. So many grievances, so little time… what’s a violent protestor to do nowadays? It’s gotten so there’s too many effigies to burn.

With most of their aggressive workers identified and picked up by the police ahead of the release of My Name Is Khan, Shiv Sena members have admitted that their annual Valentine Day protests will likely be low-key, if they happen at all.

Every year, Sainiks denounce the concept of Valentine’s Day and warn couples against celebrating it, but this year, they say, the agitation against Shah Rukh Khan and his movie are of more immediate importance. [Link.]

Perhaps they’ve turned their sights to virtual protests? Alongside the other factoids on Wikipieda, I came across this interesting new poster, which was uploaded on Wikipedia’s ‘Valentine’s Day’ this past Saturday. I thought SM readers would find it as amusing as I did.Antival.png

Beware of Valentine’s Day, huh? SMH. That’s web-lingo for ‘shaking my head.’ So ‘Valentine’s Day’ which is all part of ‘Western culture’ leads to ‘external attraction,’ which leads to ‘unethical conduct,’ which leads to ‘A Moment’s Happiness,’ which leads to ‘Immoral Behavior,’ which leads to ‘Destruction?’ I’m pretty sure I saw the same posters in the Sunday school class at the Mennonite church I attended as a nine-year old. Oh, the common threads that bind us.

This ‘scientific’ information is good to know, thanks HJS. God forbid children should exchange sweets. What if they haz the sex? Or the inter-religious marriages? Tsk, tsk. What is this world coming to?

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110 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Shararaten(Shenanigans)

  1. Of course I have read it. Why don’t you educate your Shiv Saniks that chasing a bunch of South Indians from Mumbai is the height of stupidity? Perhaps that might make them intelligent.

    Ever cared to raise your voice against colonial Dravidianist propaganda in the South against those evil North Indian Aryan invaders? Somehow, I doubt it.

    I guess we should get ready for your spiel that you condemn all violence, in any form, at any time of day or night, done by anyone, and no matter what the extenuating circumstances. But it is so trite to condemn the obvious – like genocides, bullying, coercion, red cross corruption in disaster areas, britney’s bald look. After a while, it’s kinda like condemning food poisoning or hurricanes or preschool outbreaks of the chicken pox.

    But, hey, you need your kicks.

  2. “Sometimes, they also celebrate holidays with me too. I think there is a very good term for this special treatment– it’s called ‘friendship’.”

    Hmm. reminds me of “Passage to India” – remember the last line?

  3. “I must say I think the way they are protesting is less alienating.”

    I agree. It seems like they are just trying to share their view in a sort of reasonable way instead of trying to shove it down people’s throats. What does SIO stand for? I haven’t heard of this student group before.

  4. the poor want nothing more than to join the westernizing elite. It is the schizophrenic elite which is behind it

    Last time i went to desh, I saw lots of poor people at a club paying 1000 Rs cover charge for entry

    Western hegemony is a slow poison.

    I do agree, but it will soon change when the future desi kids will have to learn Mandarin. Poor kids..