Khan Takes on Manhattan

Dear Mutineers,

There are exciting happenings going on in the bunker nowadays for those interested in all news Bollywood and Hollywood. Taz just came back from Sundance (where she met Aamir Khan and Sendhil Ramamurthy) and today Cicatrix and I will be around in NYC, covering the My Name is Khan press conference featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Karan Johar. If you’ll remember, we talked about Khan’s new movie back in August, where we found out he was going to meet President Obama (played by Christopher Duncan). And of course there was that whole Newark airport incident (which some of you suspected was a publicity stunt done to promote the movie, much like his joining Twitter). The movie premieres at the International Berlin Film Festival Valentine’s Day weekend, February 12 and today SRK and the gang intend to spend the entire day promoting it in NYC. The fun begins at Wall Street where Kajol and King Khan are slated to ring the opening bell at the NASDAQ stock 9:30 ET this morning, the first Bollywood stars invited to do so. You can watch all the action right here on the NASDAQ live webcam. But not to worry, the day is far from over.

I’ll also be live-tweeting the entire conference this afternoon and posting my video and pics later tonight. Want to be a part of it? Keep checking our Twitter account and make sure you post your questions to SRK, Kajol and Johar in the comments section. Gimme something good, mutineers. I’m counting on you. I’ll pull the best ones and add them to my list. Now back to my SRK research. YouTube music videos await me! (My life is so hard, I know.)

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29 thoughts on “Khan Takes on Manhattan

  1. First, many thanks for your lovely thoughts and contributions. I enjoy reading your blog. Now, I just wanted to ask SRK and Kajol 2 questions. How long does it take 4 them to get in2 character for a role in a film? Also how long does it take to detach from the character once the film is done? Give them my love and affirmations. Thank You So Much!!!! Ana Kirola, SF,CA

  2. watch out for shahrukh “Jambon” khan’s laryngeal tuber. it’s been known to roll off on to do its own thing.

  3. Hi,

    I’ll offer a few random questions:

    Who came up with the idea for the script?

    Why cast Kajol? I mean she’s good, and works well with Shah Rukh, but aside from that is there anything specific about her as an actress that mkes her specially suited to the part?

    I’ve noticed that Bollywood movies are showing up in the local chain movie theaters, so is this movie an attempt to take advantage of that by mixing Hollywood and Bollywood elements?


  4. here’s a q about srk’s choice of ipl team.

    did he buy kolkata knight riders because he could be its brand ambassador and promote k-k-k-kkr?

  5. Love to know about SRK’s future projects, specifically the sequel to Don, and if he is working with Farhan Akthar on anything new.

  6. “Why cast Kajol? I mean she’s good, and works well with Shah Rukh, but aside from that is there anything specific about her as an actress that mkes her specially suited to the part?”

    Kajol + SRK = BOX OFFICE $$$$$

  7. Where is the proof that Taz shmoozed with Khan and Mocha Frappachino Sendhil?


  8. Y’all, proof is in the pudding and video. Posts from my adventure at Sundance will be linked shortly.

    Now, I wanna see what PhillyGrrl got today…

  9. So is MNiK going to be released in the US with English subtitles. I see it’s being released by 20th Century Fox, so I would expect so. Too bad SRK and Kajol could not have married each other in real life. They would be a real Bollywood Power Couple. Oh well.

  10. I like Sharukh, he gave a good expose on how bidders were not allowed to support Pakistani players in the IPL.

  11. Boycott is needed against pokistan for sponsoring mumbai attacks. Remember how S Africa was boycotted for apartheid.

  12. I hope this film is not trying to perpetuate Muslim victimhood and more about the challenges that Muslims face. Muslim means one who submits, but that does not mean one who submits to tyranny obviously as scared westerners would have it. I’m guess My Name is Khan has a little Hollywood though but hopefully a lot more.

    Haribol and Salaam!

  13. I don’t have a nemesis, but if I ever get one, I hope [link=]that will be the name.[/link]

  14. Shah Rukh was interviwed last night by Jonathon Ross ( Uk equivalent of letterman). It is being aired on BCC tonight, with him as Main guest ahead of the Hollywood actors!

    Anyhow he will talk about this film and the Hindu right wing reaction to his ipl comment

  15. SRK held himself real well

    I guess this is an appropriate point to… er… insert a K Jo joke.