City of Brotherly Love Meetup – December 27


Oh Philadelphia, did you think we could forget you? This year mutineers have partied in Boston and LA, but now we’re bringing you a meetup in the City of Brother Love itself. Amardeep and I decided to mark the release from our respective academic bastions with a meetup with you, our lovely Philadelphia-area readers.

Guess what that means? It means you Jersey, Delaware, New York and Philly readers need to ditch the post- apocalypse that is your holiday celebration and come hang out with us. So after you’ve demolished your mom’s figgy pudding and russ malai and returned that ugly sweater your auntie gave you, head down to Philadelphia’s Chinatown section and join us at Penang, for some delicious Malyasian Indian cuisine.

Here’s what we can’t promise: Bill Cosby/cheesesteaks/an Eagles win.

Here’s what we can promise: scintillating conversation/beautiful people/good food.

Place: Penang, 117 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA 1910

Time: 7:00 PM

Dress: Casual

Reservations: We need an accurate headcount to reserve a table. If you’re coming, please email Amardeep at amardeep [at]

Hope to see some of you there!

[Photo: GPTMC]

13 thoughts on “City of Brotherly Love Meetup – December 27

  1. Oh, PhillyGrrl, how I’ve been waiting for these last four years for SepiaMutiny to have a meetup in Philly, but the semester’s over and I will be far away. Can we please also host one next semester when all the college kids are back in town? I know quite a few from my school would love to come.

  2. I’m psyched for this – like cocoacaliente, I’m out of college and would normally be annoyed, but fortunately, I’ll be in the area anyway. Only thing is, next time, could you PLEASE choose a more vegetarian-friendly meetingplace? Penang has all of 3 (questionably, at that) vegetarian options, and every time I’ve been with friends, I’ve been stuck ordering only the (absolutely delicious, btw) bean-paste+shaved-ice-based dessert-drinks. Have a heart?

  3. Parth, I was the one who suggested the idea of Malaysian rather than the traditional Indian restaurant meet-up locale. In my view, there just aren’t many interesting Indian restaurants in center city right now… You can get great food (like at Tiffin), though it’s usually a little harder to get to.

    But we can definitely aim for more veg. friendly for the next Philly meet-up (presuming that this one goes well & we have some folks show up!). Any suggestions?

  4. i’m there and will have my dad in tow. will make for unusual, though not necessarily scintillating, conversation.

  5. Im in.but dont you think Penang is a little too loud and Banana leaf as a personal opinion is a definitely a better alternative

  6. maybe I will come!

    Please do!

    dont you think Penang is a little too loud

    We’ll just have to talk louder :) Banana Leaf is great as well, but Penang is roomier.

    Can we please also host one next semester when all the college kids are back in town?

    Sure, if Amardeep’s game and this one goes well I don’t see why not.

    Penang has all of 3 (questionably, at that) vegetarian options

    True. Will keep in mind for next time. Thanks, Parth.

  7. Ahhh – I didn’t mean to just sound whiny…I had suggestions, I swear!

    AGREED that there’s not all that much worth eating that’s “Indian” in Center City, as Cafe Spice is way overpriced for what they offer, and Samosa, and others, after getting new management, just don’t have food that’s all that great, but if you’re willing to stretch east to Malaysian, why not west to Afghani? Sansom Kabob is decent, and who doesn’t love a good kabob? Pleasant enough to sit down in, and some of the dishes definitely border on our brand of South Asian. Also, sort of outside Center City, but still accessible to anyone taking public transit in (myself), is Tandoor, in University City. Very college-oriented space/food, but big enough for a meeting, decently decorated, and the food is at least reliably hot?

    Regardless, I’ll be at Penang, happy to meet some new people.

  8. I would love to be there, Phillygrrl and Amardeep! But unfortunately I don’t live in Philly anymore, and since I live in MD now, a meetup on Sunday evening is highly inconvenient.:( Maybe next time then! Hope you all have a great time!

  9. I would love to come but will be in Minnesota at that time. Could we have another one next semester?

  10. Hey this Manan Trivedi — the guy running for Congress in PA’s 6th Congressional District and, more importantly, Abhi’s cousin. I am actually having a campaign event nearby at World Cafe Live this same night so I will be stopping by the meetup early and then heading out. All are welcome to come out to my event after the meetup, I should be at World Cafe Live until about 10pm. Here is a link with all the details:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!