“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans.”

I love this picture. I have no other reason for sharing it with you, other than that. I wondered if we might be able to use it for a caption contest, but I’m not sure how it would turn out (did I just diss your creative powers? I might have! Prove me wrong! 😉 Your Shot - Top Shots 2009 - National Geographic Magazine.png

Fantastic capture, isn’t it? It was taken by a Debasis Roy, of Asansol, India, and I felt like it deserved to be seen, in case you missed it when it was featured on National Geographic’s “Top Shots“. As for how the fishy fared, don’t fret about the poor pet:

While transferring fish from one bowl to another, science tutor Roy, 27, was inspired. He composed this scene–a baby guppy sustained by a single droplet, cradled on a grass leaf atop a wooden stool–then put the fish back. [link]

Beautiful. I sweat such talent and creative vision. A whale-sized thank you to the Barmaid, for showing me this magical image.

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  1. actually my neighbor has a pooch like sidney. and he just goes hoooeinn hooiieen when he sees me his eyes roll back and and he goes all loopy and licky… incidentally that’s also a rescued dog. pooch’s owner tells me buddy was goign to get put down if she hadnt got him… les singhada..

  2. Wait wait!..dont take that picture..I forgot to wear my eyeliner!

  3. Thusly the fish spake:

    पर वो देवं चित सहसानमग्निमश्वं न वाजिनं हिषे नमोभिः | भवा नो दूतो अध्वरस्य विद्वान तमना देवेषु विविदे मितद्रुः || आ याह्यग्ने पथ्या अनु सवा मन्द्रो देवानां सख्यं जुषाणः | आ सानु शुष्मैर्नदयन पर्थिव्या जम्भेभिर्विश्वमुशधग वनानि || पराचीनो यज्ञः सुधितं हि बर्हिः परीणीते अग्निरीळितो न होता | आ मातरा विश्ववारे हुवानो यतो यविष्ठ जज्ञिषे सुशेवः || सद्यो अध्वरे रथिरं जनन्त मानुषासो विचेतसो य एषाम | विशामधायि विश्पतिर्दुरोणे.अग्निर्मन्द्रो मधुवचा रतावा || असादि वर्तो वह्निराजगन्वानग्निर्ब्रह्मा नर्षदने विधर्ता | दयौश्च यं पर्थिवी वाव्र्धाते आ यं होता यजति विश्ववारम || एते दयुम्नेभिर्विश्वमातिरन्त मन्त्रं ये वारं नर्या अतक्षन | पर ये विशस्तिरन्त शरोषमाणा आ ये मे अस्य दीधयन्न्र्तस्य || नू तवामग्न ईमहे वसिष्ठा ईशानं सूनो सहसो वसूनाम | इषं सतोत्र्भ्यो मघवद्भ्य आनड यूयं पात सवस्तिभिः सदा नः ||

  4. omg, does this mean The Barmaid is back? please say yes! love the haterade!

    Sorry to disappoint, but that was a “hat tip” or a sentence crediting someone for providing the idea or information for a post.