Meetup Hits Bean Town

bostonSkyline.jpgWhy, hello Boston. Home of Haaaarvard, Dunkin Donuts, Jhumpa Lahiri and the Red Sox. And brown people. Boston is home to plenty of South Asians.

How is it then that Sepia Mutiny has never hosted a Boston Meetup?

It’s about time to flip the script. So how about it? Let’s all get together for Boston’s first ever Sepia Mutiny Meetup?

Join Ravi, Phillygrrl and Taz Friday, September 25th for the best brown event to blast Boston. I’ll be visiting from LA, Phillygrrl is flying in specially from Philly, and Ravi is the ‘local’ hosting it all. It will be a first meetup for Phillygrrl and Ravi, and I promised them I’d make it just as good as the ones I’ve hosted in the past. Bostonians, don’t let me down.

  • DATE: September 25th, Friday
  • TIME: 5:30pm – 8:00 pm
  • WHERE: All ages dessert spot, Finale in Harvard Square
  • RSVP: In the comments below. Leave your e-mail address so we can contact you if things change.

Mmmm, chocolate. And brown people. Can’t wait. The location is tentative – we were looking for a place to congregate around happy hour time that would also be all ages. We also are not sure if they will take reservations for bigger parties. We chose Harvard Square area to accommodate students. If you have another location that you’d like to suggest, please drop it in the comment section as well. I also kind of wanted to check out DJ Kayper later that evening.

Don’t be skerred. Meetups are fun. You get to meet new people, make new friends, and I may even turn on Sepia Destiny full force so you can get a date out of it. Meetups are open to everyone – from the adamant commenter to the quiet lurker. ALL are welcome! COME!

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61 thoughts on “Meetup Hits Bean Town

  1. I met Chitra Banerjee (Mistress of spices etc.,) last week in Boston for a fund raising event for Pratham, and besides other things – SM featured in our conversation, she apparently knows the blog, if I make it there I’ll let you know more..

  2. SM featured in our conversation, she apparently knows the blog, if I make it there I’ll let you know more..

    Vat a tease…though I’m inferring that whatever she said wasn’t good? Glad I’m not going, then. ๐Ÿ™‚ I keed, I would love to meet our Bostonians (especially the dog lovers!). I visited Massachusetts for the first time ever, this summer. I loved it. Didn’t get to Boston though, so maybe a future meetup…? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have fun with the lurkers, Taz, Phillygrrl and Ravi. p.s. lurking in person at an SM meetup is not the same as lurking here online. One is normal, one is not. Please, just join in. If it sucks, excuse yourself by letting us know that you have a ton to study for this one class at an unnamed school in “Cambridge”, we’ll get it. At most meetups, people drift in and out all the time, it’s mad casual, no one minds. One of you, remember to bring a camera, please. I want to see pics of the swank-ay venue (and all of you, too!)

  3. may join…

    word on the street is that harvard’s first home game is that weekend, so it will be a packed night.

  4. hey!

    couple other suggestions:

    NOIR or Legal Sea Foods – especially if it is nice.Both have outdoor seating which makes it easier to talk and mingle.

    casablanca Bar The Cellar, between harvard and central

    XOXO Palak

  5.             49 ร‚ยท BLT on September 17, 2009 11:29 PM ร‚ยท Direct link 
                masshole, that sounds interesting. Details of the screening?

    The screening of “It’s My Life – A South Asian Queer Story in USA – Screening and Discussion” will take place on 9/25 from 6-9PM at the Fenway Health Institute.

    I really want to go to the Meetup! But I had this plan for over a month (not your problem, I realize this..) Will you guys still be there after 8PM do you think or will you all bust outta there faster than you can say macaca??? I may be a lurker online but I promise I’m a plucky funny desi girl in real life!! And I really want to meet you all…

  6. hey all!

    We are going to stick to the original time and place – thanks for all the advice! I’ve been in town for the week and scouting locations. The original feels like the best for now.

    I’ll see you all soon!

  7. BLT, I adore thee.

     "Orange line = "hai, meri to daeth hi ho gayi." :D"

    Truer words were never spoken. Hope to make it to the meetup…

  8. “Orange line = “hai, meri to daeth hi ho gayi.” :D”

    Gallut bat. JP – bahut bahut bahut acchhaa.

    Nice meeting everyone. Hope to meet up again soon. Phillygirl = best discussion facilitator award.