Site Maintenance

Update: Maintenance is done. If you notice anything out of the ordinary let us know in the comments!

Kunjan and I will be doing some site maintenance tonight after 10 pm EST. During this time you may not be able to post comments.

This is a major technical upgrade for us. As long as things don’t go really bad (fingers crossed), you shouldn’t notice any difference tomorrow morning. As part of this upgrade, we may also be moving our server (again) to an undisclosed location in the United States (as part of our security measures) and so a DNS update can cause some of you to be looking at the site on the old server (depending on your ISP’s service or where you are in the world).

We will update this post once everything is back to normal. I’ll leave the comments open. After maintenance, please let us know here if you notice anything broken (if comments are working) or email me at chaitan [at]

Thank you for your support and patience while we continue to keep all the pieces working.

26 thoughts on “Site Maintenance

  1. Someone has duplicated an article in the news column and has changed the headline to a vulgar, disgraceful, insulting and highly inflammatory headline. Could you remove it? It is easy enough to spot and certainly violates SM policy.

  2. Some of the apostrophe marks in the news column is showing up as some other kind of symbols.

  3. My news posts are showing as being posted as an alphanumeric # instead of my login name – I believe others have had this issue as well. TypePad advised that issue is on the blog side of things and not them. Just an fyi.

  4. I noticed a few more bugs. All comments by the user “BidiSmoker” have disappeared. For example, in this thread, people are replying to BidiSmoker’s comments, but the originals aren’t visible.

    Is this a bug? Or were all his comments deleted on purpose?

  5. Oct 07 2009: The thread on New Data from the World of Genetics: “There is no North-South divide”? doesn’t show up for me. Other pages do.

    yes, it is creating a http 500 error, which likely means that something on the page is triggering a bug in one of the backend scripts.

  6. Oct 07 2009: The thread on New Data from the World of Genetics: “There is no North-South divide”? doesn’t show up for me. Other pages do.

    And some of us can’t wait to see what else pingpong has to say about Salma Hayek!

  7. Thanks again, Chaitan. The comments on all the previous threads (that I’ve looked at) are showing up now.

    BTW, I noticed another strange bug… Some of Anna’s previous comments, like this one, aren’t showing any links in the handle. I assume she was trying to link to “”? Because in this thread, she linked to her own personal blog, and it rendered just fine…