Like Tina Fey. But Brown.

Mindy Kaling.jpg Mindy Kaling could quite possibly be the next brown Tina Fey.

Under terms of the two-year, seven-figure deal, Kaling will continue to write for and appear on “The Office” next season while simultaneously developing a comedy in which she would also star.

Much like “30 Rock” star-exec producer Fey, Kaling is known for both her writing and acting skills. Behind the scenes, Kaling is a co-exec producer on “The Office,” having written notable episodes including “The Dundies,” “Diwali” and this season’s “Golden Ticket.”

In kicking around different development ideas, Kaling said she’s drawn to workplace comedies but is also interested in buddy shows in the vein of “Flight of the Conchords.”[variety]

Buddy show, huh?

Hi Mindy. Let me introduce myself. My name is Taz. I have great comic timing and we could get into fun twitter/blogger hijinx together. We’re born a week apart from each other. We are both brown. My Indian accent sucks too. We could do a Diwali meets Eid show. The only thing that sets us apart is about seven figures. But I’m sure we can work something out in that arena. ;-) Call me! I’ll be following you on twitter in the meantime!

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18 thoughts on “Like Tina Fey. But Brown.

  1. Me Too! She seems so smart and down to earth and fun…of course this is all a perception.

  2. so glad south asians are briging it on in the comedy world. aziz ansari, asif mandvi, mindy kaling, kal penn, russell peters…this is a revolutionary time.

  3. Mindy is awesome!

    Mindy, if you need another female brown writer, please call me! :)

  4. “Like Tina Fey. But Brown.”

    I don’t know, the title of the post annoys me. Why does she have to be a brown tina fey? Being Mindy Kaling is enough– her brand of humor is not that comparable to tina fey’s anyway. Let the girl be herself :) .

    Oh, by the way, she has a blog, and I have to say, it sounds like kelly kapoor writing it. Gives you a bit of a headache after a while.

  5. It annoys me that you are annoyed.

    Like it or not, Tina Fey made it easier for women in the comedy world. Before Tina, women had to make jokes about shoe shopping and wedding dresses and they were only funny to other women. Tina is more universal and made it easier for men to laugh at women being funny.

    Mindy is being rewarded in part by Tina Fey paving the way for women like her.

  6. Chokalingam’s biggest challenge will be being funny. Good luck to her!

  7. Dunno what’s so special about her…. Tina Fey or not.

    I absolutely dig Kunal Nayyar on The Big Bang Theory as Rajesh Ramayana Koothrappali. Along with Anoop Desai, one of the enjoyable AND talented desis on American TV.

  8. Hey Taz, I like a good shout out/desperate grab at coattails as much as the next guy, but is there a point to this? Kaling has been on the office since the early episodes (06?), so it’s not like she’s new to TV. You mentioned twitter hijinx, and that’s about the level of information I got from this post. No mention any details about her upcoming show, minimal mention of her previous work. I’m usually a big fan of your posts on sepia, but this one could have been cut down to 140 characters and posted somewhere else. -AR

  9. Ditto on what ShallowThinker said, Tina Fey has been quite a breakthrough, and 30 Rock’s success must feel like a great victory for her, so much more so than her season of guest appearances on SNL as Palin. (Am less enthu or hopeful about Parks & Recreation; I’ve already stopped watching after just one episode.)

    I don’t normally “keep score” in my head of how much screen time or lines she gets, but it seemed to me that in last night’s episode of The Office, Kaling was quite prominent, even if she was “just” dancing. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she develops from here forward. I hope whatever it is, she still gets to be on The Office in the next few years; I think she’s one of the best on the show.

  10. I just love her assertion (from her blog) that Indian is the new Jew. It does feel like that, a little bit.

  11. Tina Fey made it easier for women in the comedy world?

    Tina Fey has made her mark, yes. But a pioneer for women in comedy she is not.

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