If You Could Turn Back Time …

A break from politics and world news (and my crazy workday) to share this short, sweet video that I just caught wind of via my daily VSL fix.

It’s called “Rewind City” and is a French TV ad currently airing for Orange’s DVR service in France. Watch as the unexpressed wish of a tearful backpacker comes true when the traffic and people in a Goan village conspire to reverse direction.

Filmed in village of Assonora, 15km east of the town of Mapusa (a hub for bus travel) in North Goa, it’s directed by British director Ringan Ledwidge. The main characters came from Paris, the 250 extras came from Mumbai, and the other backpacker types came from Anjuna, home to the famous Goa hippie flea market.

The ad asks the question, “What if you could rewind a memorable moment in your life?” Not a bad question to ask of oneself every now and then.

12 thoughts on “If You Could Turn Back Time …

  1. I found it kinda cheesy. Literal interpretations of metaphors don’t make good movies.

  2. I know exactly where this was shot, although from my experience the more realistic reaction to the backpacker would be honking and yelling get off the road! :).

  3. 9 รƒโ€šร‚ยท khoofi reminiscing in haiku said

    a dump so huge. it clogged.

    a haiku has five and after it has seven and then five again.

  4. khoofi – re your haiku:

    at first i thought of slum dog millionaire, but then i got it. eww. gross.


    ps: i think “millionaire” has 3 syllables. am i right?