Vinay Passes

I’m sorry to report that Vinay Chakravarthy passed away this morning.

SAJA has a statement from his family / friends –

“We are devastated at our loss today,” said a spokesperson for the Chakravarthy family. “Vinay was an amazing soul who inspired all of us with his will to live. We take some comfort in knowing his journey may have saved lives through the campaign, and in all the lives he touched with his love and spirit.”

Vinay’s last post, dated May 12, 2008, sounded promising and like Sameer hinted at a return to normal life at home

After the procedure I was transferred back to the regular floor and my diet was slowly advanced to normal! I am doing well so far and will be transferring to a physical rehab center here in Boston to get my overall strength back. I hope to be home for good in 2-3 weeks! The rehab facility will provide 3 hours of physical therapy seven days a week, quite intense but should be better for me in the long run.

His wife, family, and friends are in our thoughts and prayers.

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33 thoughts on “Vinay Passes

  1. I am so sorry to hear this. My prayers and thoughts are with the Chakravarthy family.

  2. my love and thoughts are with vinny’s family — and to the tireless organizing efforts of team vinny (especially SP). i had/have never seen mobilization like that before; you are an incredible friend. and vinny seemed like he attracted amazing people. his life has inspired many and his legacy will legacy will continue to.

  3. May his journey be peaceful and his soul be with God. My heartfelt condolences to his family, he seemed to be a very special and incredible person.

  4. I think the brightness of his life motivated many people to sign up to be donors and in this way, he will save as many people’s lives as if he had gone on to become a doctor.

    Godspeed Vinay.

  5. My deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to his family. Vinay inspired our community in ways that will live on forever and give others a chance at survival.

  6. This is really sad to learn because for a while it looked like he was doing well.

  7. My condolences to family, friends, and Team Vinay. His story inspired us all…let’s keep the movement going.

  8. My family knew you personally. Your time here has touched us all, and your work has no doubt helped others. Thinking of your family during this time…

  9. Just yesterday I checked Vinay’s site thinking he must be okay now…and then I watched the Sameer memorial service and lost it. My heart goes out to their families.

  10. The world just lost an excellent physician. My sincere condolences to the family and friends to get through this difficult time.

  11. What a pendulum of hope and despair it’s been for Vinay, Rashmi, and family. The world will miss him, but at least the pendulum now gets a chance to rest on hope — his efforts will live on and save many more in the future.

  12. Peace and blessings to Vinay and much love and support to his family. You are all in my thought at this very sad time.

  13. He changed things in his community. What more could you ask for from life?

    He lived a good life, and spent it well. I only wish he’d had a chance at a longer and fuller one.

  14. Truly heartbreaking, esp. given how optimistic he was just weeks ago. But it gives us all hope – and I hope that it gave him some little satisfaction – that he took his circumstances and tried to make a difference not only for himself, but for several others. That couldn’t have been an easy task, but it speaks volumes as to what kind of a person Vinay was. My condolences to all who are mourning his death.

    Like many have said, I have been impressed by the efforts of several people in creating awareness about this issue – not just Team Vinay, but the blogs like SM and ultrabrown that have been champions of getting word out and really coming together. In the last few months, all 3 of the people SM has highlighted – Sameer, Vinay, and Bevin – have passed away, but not before making a difference. I’ve never met Vinay, but because of SM, I have been able to closely follow his progress through posts on this website. When I read the post this morning, it was heart wrenching – and I think it’s no small feat that SM has helped evoke that sort of an emotion for somebody whom many of us did not know personally.

  15. It is so shocking and heartbreaking. I thought he was on the path to recovery and didn’t know about the remission. May his family and friends find the strength to cope with this…my heartfelt condolences. He inspired so many of us to register for marrow donation

  16. I’m heartbroken at this news. Vinay did so much to advance knowledge in our community about leukemia and donating blood marrow. What an inspiring hero. Rest in Peace Vinay…

  17. May his family and friends find support and peace in his memories, and how he touched and enlightened many of us they do not know. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  18. Vinay taught us to never give up and to always plod on. I hope and pray that Rashmi and the rest of the family find the same strength to carry on.

    We’ll miss you Vinay..

  19. i’m so sad to read this news. my heartfelt condolences to his family. like the others wrote, he did so much with his time here. my only hope is that we emulate his spirit.