Thank you readers!

After we put out a call for donations to keep the site going last Tuesday, SM readers responded graciously by helping us meet our target for the next year in one week! We appreciate every dollar and will do our best to keep SM as interesting, informative, and relevant as we possibly can. I’d especially like to thank the following individuals who gave extra large sums to put us over the hump:

Alma, Sandhya, Susan, Jayanand, Anunradha, Chaitan (our admin), Rachel, Ansabenazeer

I’ll be writing each of you an email to thank you.

But I want to give a general thanks to everyone who contributed. I know a lot of the people that donated are students. Having been a college student for a total of 10 years I know that every dollar is a big deal.

For those of you who would still like to contribute, we will keep the money in a separate account to only pay for SM server costs. All our labor, including the bloggers and fabulous admins is on a volunteer basis (and if you are a website designer who thinks you can improve SM then let us know).

And in case you are wondering what the point of it all is, keep your fingers extra crossed this week.

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