Two Conferences this Weekend (tooting apna horn)

Normally a post like this would go on the Events Tab, but some SM bloggers are involved in one event, so perhaps it’s not too out of place to put it here. Both events have their main speakers this Saturday (11/3), though SAWCC actually has a reading/performance on Friday night and creative workshops and panels on Saturday.

First, for people in and near Washington DC, you may wish to attend the SALTAF festival, which features Madhur Jaffrey, Amitava Kumar, Thrity Umrigar, Rishi Reddi, and Canadian filmmaker Vic Sarin (whose film, Partition, is screening at the festival). Kicking off the festival as a whole is the much-hyped Hindi film, Loins of Punjab Presents, which I’ve been waiting to see for months, damnit.

In New York, it’s the SAWCC conference, which this year has the charming title, “Electric Ladyland.” SAWCC participants are younger and more “Up-and-coming,” and the conference itself (which I attended last year) is very much a hands-on, get-involved type of event — you don’t just sit back and sample the wine-and-samosas. I am on a panel called “Pop/Politics,” with Mira Kamdar, Sita Bhaskar, and Sunita Mukhi. I am not 100% sure what I’m talking about yet — probably something involving Bobby Jindal and the Tehelka/Gujarat spycam affair. And SM blogger Anna is on a panel called “Eat, Pray, Love: Writing/Crafting/Cooking the Personal Narrative,” with food writer Chitrita Banerji, and Janki Khatau.

I probably won’t be in New York long enough to participate in an official meetup, but it would be great to see/meet some SM readers at the SAWCC event itself. The panels, incidentally, are FREE.

Incidentally, if you’re interested in the creative writing workshops on Saturday morning, you should email (they may already be filled up; the workshops are limited to 12 people each).

11 thoughts on “Two Conferences this Weekend (tooting apna horn)

  1. Eat, Pray, Love: Writing/Crafting/Cooking the Personal Narrative

    Couldn’t they just name it “The Structured Stochastic – Posturings for the Post Colonial, Displaced, Southern Hemisphere Native”…:) Kidding, Thursday is the new Friday, for me, I guess…

  2. I dont know if the SM bloggers keep a hit log, but Amardeep – if you want to bump up your numbers – a pic of kristin kreuk would not hurt. And the above pic is totally safe guys. You can print it out and tell your co-worker this is a pic of your betrothed, back in the pind.

  3. Oh my gawd .. totally inappropriate comment, totally unrelated and really unnecessary but couldn’t hold myself from posting – the email address. sawcclitfest … really?!?! LOL sign me up for that one!

  4. Dude. I always think the same thing every time I read that email address. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with a dirty mind! 😉

  5. Nonsense Amit, if we’re talking about a SA you-know-what-fest, it would be closer to purple.

    Happy Friday everyone.

  6. Electric ladyland promises some juicy fare indeed. I wonder if they’ll take requests. If anyone’s listening, I’d be particularly interested in how best to use ladyfingers okra in the panel on eating, praying, loving. Quite the litfest!

  7. Nonsense Amit, if we’re talking about a SA you-know-what-fest, it would be closer to purple.

    Ah yes, Zen. Thanks for catching that. Go brown!! 😀

  8. I heard that Vasugi Ganeshananthan is going to be reading at the festival. I’ve heard a lot of great things about her new book Love Marraige that’s coming out in the spring. It should be a great treat to hear her read!