The Caption Game: The “Surjeet-o Bandito” Edition

Hold on, let’s get this over with…

Okay, now that I’ve stood in the corner and thought about what I’ve done during my time-out, I half-heartedly apologize for being so insensitive as to vaguely reference a politically incorrect, wayyy-before-your…and-really-my time cartoon character/mascot.

My bad. If it helps, it’s a rather obscure ref and I did change the “first name” to something browner (shout out to my friend Surjeet, who is sure to be THRILLED about this). Anyfoo. cricketers before one-day vs australia.jpg Monday came and went, with nary a caption game in sight; I blame you. What, on top of everything else in my disorganized, estrogen-powered day, I need to discover non-existent time with which to ferret out funny pictures?

Wait, what?

I do? Meh.

Well, if we’re relying on ME, then prepare for tardy everything (including me). I saw this on the BBC website yesterday and that is why we have an uber-late* CG today, which is THURSDAY for those who are either hung-over, a disciple of Rip Van Winkle or too confused to keep count.

So, now that you’ve seen the amusing picture, kindly be doing what some of you do best– caption away. Why should you expend such effort? Because a photograph like that deserves more than this (you know there’s no-o-o-othing):

Indian cricketers pose with turbans, before a one-day international against Australia. [Beeb]

Perplexed? Bemused? Constipated? Consider previous editions of the Caption Game, awailable for procrastinating purposes here: éka, dvá, trí, catúr, páñca,, saptá , as.tá, náva


*Use of “uber-” in this post is courtesy of UberDesi– a.k.a. Sepia Mutiny for FOBs^, a.k.a. All the news which SM is too prim to print, a.k.a. the brown group blog which infamously advised you on how to improve the taste of your…stuff via pineapple juice consumption– which is a year old today. Thank you for granting us permision to borrow your GERMAN WORD and for letting us gank your trademark term there, you’re a peach. One should assume that all materials, information, data, text, or images, (collectively the Materials) which reference “uber”…anything, really, are either the property of or used with permission from UberDesi, which, again is celebrating its first year of blogebrity. As such, unless you are notified otherwise, these Materials are subject to the copyright laws of Desistan and may not be used without the prior express permission of UberDesi, to whom we vish a wery merry birrrday and a clap-py new year.

^Don’t yell at me! THEY call themselves that! Besides, DBD is our term and I didn’t feel like faking more legalese to remind you of that. ;)

31 thoughts on “The Caption Game: The “Surjeet-o Bandito” Edition


    Please be noting the asterisked portion after the jump, thang you, bye bye. :)

  2. And thanks for the B’day wishes, I was too eager to caption that I forgot to read after the fold.

    As always we are working on IST, so the birthday post will be up shortly. :)

  3. Yuvraj, after being married off to Dhoni by their parents: “You sure we still need to cover our faces?? I thought once we are married we can take a look at each other’s face?”

    Dhoni: “Arrey silly, we still have to wait till this shindig gets over ;-)

  4. latest in indian fashion: cricketers premiere the long-awaited burqa for men! now in light airy colors, featuring feathered turbans (optional).

  5. Coming This Fall

    BCCI Prodcutions Rest of the world is jealous pictures presents

    Dilwale WorldCup Le Jayenge!! [Hearty/Batty Boys Will Gank The WorldCup]

    Starring MS Dhoni as Raj Yuvraj Singh as Sixrun

  6. “I’m so glad we went to the fabric store and made these ourselves. We totally made it work.”

    “Tim Gunn ain’t got nothing on us.”

    “Relax, it’s just fashion”

    “Carry on…..”