A Texas-sized SM meetup

Question: What is hotter than the Rodeo?

Answer: The first ever Houston, TX meet-up!

When: Friday, May 18th or Saturday, May 19th (TBD)

Where: Suggestions welcome

Who: Texas boasts the third highest concentration of Sepia Mutiny readers in the world after 1) California and 2) New York. I expect y’all to represent.

Why: Because you should never underestimate the South’s mutinous potential

This is the first time I am ever hosting a meetup alone. I have always had either Anna or Taz co-host with me. Sepia Mutiny’s Houston Bureau Offices have been up and running now for four months so it is time for the bureau chief to cease with his shut-in ways. Commenters, lurkers, randoms, all welcome. And remember…everything is bigger in Texas.

Check back at this post and our Events Tab for the final date and location. I will post another reminder a few days before.

52 thoughts on “A Texas-sized SM meetup

  1. Agh! I’m actually in Austin that weekend…looking forward to seeing lots of pics, and a future meetup.

  2. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! Can’t believe this is happening at last!

    Any chance of it happening in Rice Village or somewhere in downtown? ‘Bombay Brasserie’ is pretty good if you’re looking for a desi spot. And Salento’s is the best café ever!

  3. Even though I certainly can’t be there, I’m still throwing my two cents in (in classic Gujju fashion) to give Salento’s another endorsement. 😉

  4. Arrrrrrrrgh here also! I’ve never been to Texas but I’ll be spending 10 weeks in College Station (close to Houston?)… but I start on the 28th of May, so I’ll just miss this. 🙁

  5. I don’t live in Houston, so no suggestions. Either of the days works for me.

  6. eyyy!!!

    “that’s like saying, “enter via the back door….”

    not cool man not cool

  7. Saturday would be nice. I am usually too exhausted on Fridays to do anything. Let alone drive into H-town.

    Right here, Priyavadan. But I’ll be in Dallas that week.

  8. I’ll be there.

    ronak, college station is about 1.5 hr drive from houston.

  9. have it at either cafe brazil or agorra on westheimer If you’re doing brunch, try Hobbit Cafe on Richmond. Texas size portions and veg friendly.

    All good, all good! I second all of these. Agora tends to be a bit tight on space, though. The food and service at Hobbit rocks.

  10. If anyone is actually driving down from Dallas, do let me know. I don’t own a car presently (gasp is it even possible in texas!?) but an SM meetup is most tempting.

  11. @Gulti Girl: I would be driving from Austin too. We could discuss about a possible carpool.

  12. @DDiA: if the meetup is on Saturday would you be in H-town?

    Yep. in taciturn cowboy mode

  13. DDiA: If you are driving from Austin that weekend, you too could carpool with us.

  14. FINALLY! Although I am not “sepia,” I am MUTINOUS!

    I can’t wait. Can. Not. WAIT. Especially to see YOU again, Mr. Abhi!

  15. how about a parallel meet up in Dallas? Sunil, Trickman, can I count you in? Other lurkers, regs?

  16. Oh thats too bad that I will be in Pakistan by then. WOuld be awesome to go to this. I was just in houston last weekend. Faraz

  17. I vote for the meet-up to be here:


    6166 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77057

    or here:

    La Bare Houston-Ladies Club 6234 Richmond Ave (Cross Street: Hillcroft Avenue) Houston, TX 77057

    I guess Richmond Ave. is the sketchy part of town?

  18. I am in. FO SHO!!! As long as you and I are not the only attendees. Could still be fun, but not very Texas sized, lol.

  19. Coach, Richmond is quite long. The clubs* and strip joints are mostly scattered around Chimney Rock (often mentioned in Devin The Dude songs). * proudly serving more gun-clapping than shooting range nearby.

  20. Argh the irony. Roonie moves to Texas and Asha’s Dad will be in San Francisco that weekend for the American Thoracic Society meeting.

    Well hopefully this sets the tone for more Texas meet-ups. Thanks for putting in the hard work Abhi. Asha is young so she’ll have plenty of time for future meet-ups. FYI – Asha’s birthday party in Plano, TX June 2nd all welcome. Home cooking from Ammamma.

    The original Chuy’s in Austin rocks, but all Chuy’s are great.

    Coach D – Dallas has better strip bars that Houston (uh so I’m told) but the dollar goes farther and they work harder in Windsor, Ontario (uh again…so I’m told). There is a La Bare in both Dallas and Austin, so we’ve got you covered in Texas. 🙂

  21. There is a La Bare in both Dallas and Austin, so we’ve got you covered in Texas. 🙂

    Heheheh, good one 🙂

  22. what about somewhere on hilcroft – or would that be too cliche for a sepia mutiny meetup? lol…

  23. what about somewhere on hilcroft

    London Sizzler. Bar. Big TVs playing European Football. Brit-African-Desi food. Can’t complain.

  24. Saturday 19th good; especially if that allows for out of towners to participate. Any way other SM authors could join us? We’ll show y’all a good time. London sizzler good idea, and cafe brazil. oh yeah, it’s “y’all” and “howdy” down herrrrre. looking fwd to it.

  25. Any way other SM authors could join us?

    Send a ticket! I love Houston!

  26. Sweet! The Hobbit Cafe would be awesome or how about Madras Pavilion for good (veg) South Indian food?

  27. how about Madras Pavilion for good (veg) South Indian food?

    I am not too fond of MP in Austin, not sure about Houston though.

  28. Doh – and I was about to suggest an alternate date, too.
    Take lots of pics, please!