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“Original” Sonia posted a link to some new AbhishwaryaPalooza pics which proved that TMBWITW really was happy on her wedding day; O.S. (like OG, but so much more hard kaur) hooked us up via last week’s “caption game”-post, which featured a picture of the Bollyest bride and groom ever looking…interesting. Since you have affirmed your love of interpreting and misinterpreting photographs AND one of you swears the reason why Little B looked so forlorn at his shaadi was because his Koffee buddy wasn’t the one on the dais at his side (scandalous! meow!), I thought you catty kittens would take to this captured moment like it was Nepeta cataria.

So? What do you think is going on between Preity Zinta and Karan Johar in the image above? You might find it amusing to learn that I wouldn’t have been able to identify these two for you had Chic Mommy not helpfully pointed out who they were under where she posted this pic on her blog. Anyway, mutineers…start your hatin’ imaginatin’!

57 thoughts on “KJ + TMBWITWBFF = ?

  1. Kajol? Doesn’t she have a unibrow???

    That is part of her appeal; The bows (eyebrows) and arrows (darting eyes) of Cupid.

  2. The use of the phrase TWMBW is just absurd. Yes, I agree that Ash is pretty; however, the term borders on idol worship. There are tons of beautiful people with beautiful faces AND bodies in the world – Angelina Jolie, Monica Belluci, Brooke Burke, Laeticia Casta, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Beyonce, Asin (a Malayalee actress) etc. There are lots of beautiful desi women too including Padma Lakshmi (who, incidentally, is featured in People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People issue this week), Ujjwala Raut (famous international model from India), Malaika Arora (remember her in the Dil Se song?), Preity Zinta, etc. And let’s not forget the gorgeous Bollywood actresses of yesteryear – Zeenat Aman and Praveen Babi. These women were hot when botox, plastic surgery and retouching did not exist in India.

    I think people have a tendency to forget that MOST celebrities do not really look as perfect as they might appear. For example, Beyonce apparently had 6 hours of makeup and body makeup done before her SI photo shoot. I have been working in the beauty and fashion industry for 8 years now, and I have had the opportunity to meet many of the models/celebrities. Also, I have see retouchers do their work on images for ad campaigns; they erase wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, bumps on noses, etc. They can even create the perfect manicure. Many models and actresses wear hair extensions to make their hair fuller and/or longer. This is particularly common in Bollywood where women must have very long hair for ethnic looks.

  3. Preity looks lovely, charmimg, intelligent, compassionate,caring and most beautiful person. That’s inside and out.

  4. “Preity loves all men, including the lesser man Karan Johar, period. She has drooled over Marc Robinson, Salman Khan, Ness Wadia, Karan Johar and now Yuvraj. Her love exceeds professional or business boundaries and get into the intimate realms of kissing, hugging and getting into you know where…All’s fair in war -not to mention she loves waging wars too, lol”