71 thoughts on “Oh, Beloved Papaya…

  1. While I didn’t think he was good and should have been voted off a while ago, I really dislike sweeping generalizations like this: Link.

  2. Awww man. Totally didn’t expect it…but I CRIED when he was eliminated. Jerky audience who CHEERED as our poor 1/2 brown brethren was voted off. He was treated like crap by the judges, the producers and the media. He remains so positive in his comments about Simon and AI, while Simon continues to insult him. Talk about kicking someone when he’s down. I hope he makes a killing and gives AI the finger.

    My haiku:

    Sanjaya is love Entertainer extraordinaire May your career SOAR

  3. Priya, to be fair, the cheering may have been forLakisha rather than against Sanjaya. She had been among the strongest contestants until this week. I agree that Sanjaya has a winning personality.

  4. With apologies to Majrooh, non-Hindi speakers, and especially, to poets everywhere:

    Barhe bhole ho Hanste ho sun ke duhai O kanhai kanhai This one based on Sanjaya’s Tonight Show appearance:

    Not a good singer Had fun, is all that matters Macaca caca

  5. Next Stevie Wonder? We’ll see, but talent abounds. Sweet and a class act.

    But seriously – that article about Indians hating Sanjaya is ridiculous. I doubt anyone even watches AI at 7 in the morning. Those “reporters” have just been reading the anti-Sanj comments from EW/People/whatever a few weeks back and decided to go with the trend.

  6. Haiku is a fixed poetic form, consisting of seventeen syllables organized into three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. [link-aya]

    Sorry, I should have said,

    Ah, Papaya! Ne- ver mind– just rock on. You so did find a good song…

    Thanks Roddy Moradabadi, I used that link. I’m posting my take on it on my blog in a few…

    Macaca Too, Sanjaya is too a good singer!

  7. does anyone STILL think he bats for the other team? ;) …hell i still do…

  8. All I want to see is his sister Shyamali :) There are rumors (or conjecture) they’ll show up together on a planned (it was on one of the TV blogs) Talented Siblings’ … mmm, Idol?

  9. In response to the ridiculous comments about Sanjaya by the Indian media: Found this on Sanjaya’s fan page on American Idol.com.

    It is with some pain in our hearts that we are writing this. Some silly clowns in India (India=New Delhi & Bombay for them)have issued hurried comments on Sanjaya. We wish to bring this to everyone’s notice that their views are strictly personal and the rest of Indians (we are above 1.1 Billion people) have nothing to do with these clowns who choose a bollywood prostitute to hold the prestigious Olympic Torch. It did hurt our sentiments deeply and we, the large majority unfortunately have no say in this.

    With Sanjaya, the same thing has happened, they have made America almost believe that we Indians do not support Sanjaya.

    This is utterly false and we wish to let America and Sajaya know that there are thousands (Possibly millions) who Love him – for his talent and appeal. This is true, not because he appears to be Indian, well love surpasses all class,creed,religion or country anyways – but because he is the next Emperor of Pop Music. He is the future to come. We love him, and wish him a very successful career in music and entertainment.

    Please do not go by what New Delhi press issues. They are just the self-proclaimed spokes-people of this country who have nothing to do with the sentiments of the rest of our population here. It is disgusting to see them even commenting, as Sanjaya has never said anywhere he is an Indian! DOES IT MATTER AT ALL?

    We love Sanjaya and support him wholeheartedly and would like Sanjaya to read this.

    All the very best Sanjaya

    A big Fan base from India

  10. Simon has a very different personality on and off the show. I saw him on an interview with Oprah (yes, I watch Oprah) and he shared everyone else’s opinion: Sanjaya was an extremely sweet and likable person, but his voice was not up to par–and that’s what the contest is about. I liked his sweetness, I liked his mannerisms and I liked his personality.

    I never believed that Simon was being “too” mean, but that he was the only honest and down to earth judge on the show.

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