Paging Bollywood Fugly

Before the blogosphere goes collectively gaga over Shilpa Shetty’s style and grace, I just want to show you one picture [Thanks Saheli!]

To get the full impact of the outfit, you really do have to click on it and go to the larger version.

I have no idea where to begin … never mind, when you’re a Bollywood star, you make your own rules.

And if you’re going to make a statement of personal style, why not shoot the moon?

p.s. what is it with Shetty and animal prints? Or is that too catty a question to ask?

68 thoughts on “Paging Bollywood Fugly

  1. Yo! is it me or do her bones and clevage make that look like a big heart symbol?

    And yeah, I stopped wondering about the animal prints, she has been doing it for a long time now.

  2. It is kinda fug.

    Then again, you should see what we’re all wearing while we blog….

  3. Ah Ennis-

    You are missing out! I was out of the loop re: the BB affair but I’ve caught up and am quite impressed overall by how sane and gracious she remained. Some might say she was ‘acting’ and ‘fake’ throughout but politeness and civility can at times be a much-needed act, no? RE: whether it’s fugly — big bold fashion statements are what I expect from certain stars. I wouldn’t want Indian stars getting all ‘simple’ (read: boring) and ‘safe’ for our North American palate. Mix fabrics and colors, I say! I wonder if it was a conscious decision, given her work with PETA? Anyway, I look forward to seeing you post other Bollywood fug that lives up to the accusation ;).

  4. The neckline and fabric make it dowdy for me, not so much fugly. The bag is just kind of pitiful. I am that lethal combination of being Tamil AND a bellydancer so I shrug at the leopard-print/turquoise gem combo….

  5. Yo! is it me or do her bones and clevage make that look like a big heart symbol?

    i noticed that too !!!

  6. I apologise. A job that doesn’t include an internet connection has limited my online travels severely, but fear not Ennis! I’m here at last!

    Re: outfit – the animal print combined with what seem to be fairly tasteless rhinestones around the collar, that’s just the first thing that jumps out at me. The earrings are a bit over the top, but they’re not hitting mad levels of fugly. It’s the watch and the purse that are killing me slowly; in a look that’s basically going for elegance, the massive timepiece just stands out, and not in a good way. The purse is also kind of frumpy, I think…more a “funky piece for the busy mother” than anything else; there’s no real grace or style to what’s basically a shiny bag.

    On the other hand, I do like the blue. It’s a good colour for her, and I actually think that the combination of cuts and deconstruction/layering of the fabric is an interesting take on the typical sari. But barring her bazongas, because as we all know, I’m GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY, the first thing that my eye was drawn to was the watch. It’s a nice accessory, just not for this outfit.

    And now I’m spent.

  7. Unless this article is filed under “humour”, I have to question the timing, considering what’s been happening with Shilpa in Britain during the past few weeks and her recent triumph & vindication. Was this really necessary right now ? Et tu, Ennis ?

  8. Hmmmm. Okay Ennis 😉

    Anyway, it’s not your article I was questioning (not that I necessarily agree with it), but the timing. My first reaction was “Not now, dammit !”.

    But at least your motivations weren’t negative, even though I do think it’s the wrong time for all this, so it’s all good. Don’t worry.

    As a point of contrast, I recommend you (or someone else here) try to find a photo taken of her after her recent interview with Sky News anchor Kay Burley; Britain’s Daily Express newspaper had a really nice pic of her on the front page on Thursday but I can’t find it online. She looked quite stunning.

  9. What one person finds fugly..the next person won’t. I express my sympathy 2 u Ennis if you are so insecure in yourself that you feel it necessary 2 put someone else down…not even being able 2 comment on the individual as a person but in the way they dress! Wud luv 2 c ur reaction if u put a picture up of yourself and allowed people 2 comment- Do u fink u wud agree if they left messages that were less than positive?! May give ur ego less of a boost hey. Much Luv x

  10. bottom line is that Aishwarya Rai is most beautiful woman in the world. dont agrue it the truth can never change.

  11. haters

    what is it with certain desi men’s knee-jerk “aishwarya is goddess, i hate shilpa” reactions. i don’t get it. shilpa, I love you. don’t listen to them.