Prabir Swings the Axe

In the spirit of the holiday season and the Macaca Music Poll, here’s a gift of Sepia hype for another aspiring rock band with desi leadership. It helps that they’re pretty damn good! Prabir and the Substitutes are from — where else? — the real world of Virginia and play real short power-pop songs with throwback 1970s/psychedelic inclinations, all the way to the background ooh-ooh harmonizing, Brian Wilson references and best of all, Prabir-ji’s monumental muttonchops, in which small animals could take shelter from the elements, and which you can admire in their full glory at the end of this clip. Rock on, blood!

4 thoughts on “Prabir Swings the Axe

  1. Thanks, siddhartha! These guys are fun, and sound a bit Strokes-y to me.. and I would totally kill for the guy on the left’s guitar.

  2. I have long had a suspicion that there is a conspiracy under way to infiltrate white indie rock bands with skinny and handsome brown boys (and occasionally girls) which was confirmed when I discovered that popular Liverpool beat combo The Zutons have a brown lead guitarist called Boyun Chowdhry. I like this track.

    But what is going on? And what will happen to bhangra and Asian underground if this trend continues?

  3. Hey Sid! Big shout-outs from the somewhat-real world of Washington Dee Cee … here sitting on the couch watching Matrix Revolutions with our lame asses and saw this link in mah (Laura’s) gmail … Shawn on behalf of the fellas above says thanks. And word up on Prabir’s indeed prominent muttonchops.