13 thoughts on “Horn OK Please now online

  1. :) that’s hilarious! My sister and I died laughing at that sign when we were on our road trip in India this past January.

  2. Fantastic video. To think that this claymation was produced in collaboration between guys in two different countries is amazing. Quote from YT:

    “This film is combination of stop-motion (clay) models and drawn, composited backgrounds. The whole film was shot on a NIKON D70 stills camera and post-produced in After Effects on a simple pc.”

  3. the white tourist with the “NO FEAR” hat hillarious!!!


    Some of the dialogue translated.

    Thaks for this, since some of us speak pathetic Hindi.

  4. The guys that made this animation are from ireland and also do a great animation of a local radio presenter and his crazy callers, great veiwing!