I’ve Got Something SOUTH ASIAN For You

bery bad porn.jpg

I’m sure that no one reading this is “fuzzy on that whole area of geography” like the vellamban in the video above, but I have to say, I am immature enough to have found this bit of stuff from “verybadporn.com” EXTRA amusing after the roiling boil over in the comment thread of the post below.

I had read about this clip in the New York Post a few weeks ago and it kept falling further down my “mutinous stuff to potentially post” list; every time I remembered it, I was at Tryst or some hot splotch and I was apprehensive about visiting a site called VERY BAD PORN in public. I know, silly, right? Today, in the privacy of my apartment, I furtively, finally took a look. I wasn’t disappointed. ;)

I love that I watched this spoof in all its PG-13, hilarious glory today of all days, as we quibble over India and Pakistan. :) Pay special attention to what “Sana Summers” says, both about Nepal (she might want to read the answer to question four of our FAQ) as well as activities which, ahem, involve hands. I totally missed the latter joke the first two times I watched. Yenjoy!

56 thoughts on “I’ve Got Something SOUTH ASIAN For You

  1. Western hero and making him feel like a colonial explorer discovering the source of the Ganga for the first time.

    Jai – All these literary nincompoop mutineers may fall for your efforts. But true pundits like me can tell real from fake. An authentic desilit writer would have used Ganges ;)

  2. wtf is this

    is there hidden jokes in this or somethin?

    and who the heck is sana summers?

  3. A belated thank you to everyone who responded to my post #29. Considering I was able to come up with that in less than two minutes based on a fairly harmless clip, imagine what I could do with something really X-rated…..

    Er….forget I said that…..


  4. I m surprised so many on here found this clip funny. WTF?


    this is not funny whatsoever – i was this after smoking three joints – and the shit still wasnt funny