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Turbanhead sends us word that Media has posted a news clip from last Friday which clearly demonstrates why Fox News continues to be the cable news leader. It is from a program called “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” Cavuto in this segment is “interviewing” someone named Bo Dietl who is somehow important. As you watch I think you should keep in mind that this is your world he is ranting about. The title says so, remember?

One of our worker monkeys must have altered the image before it landed on my desk.

Here is a quick summary:

During the June 23 edition of Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, Bo Dietl, chairman and founder of the private investigation firm Beau Dietl & Associates, argued that the recent arrest in Miami of seven men on charges of conspiracy, which allegedly included plans to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago, illustrates that “we can’t go off … where we are going with [racial] profiling.” Referring to the men as a “crew of mutts,” Dietl suggested that “[t]he people that are coming in to our country” are “like a cancer” and “[w]e need some chemotherapy now.” He further stated that law enforcement officials should “[g]o into your 7-Elevens or go into one of these stores that keep rotating young men who are Muslims,” and say “identify yourself.” However, when host Neil Cavuto asked if “racial profiling [would] have worked” in the case of the Chicago plot, Dietl responded that it wouldn’t, because “[t]hey look like Americans.” Dietl then added: “[M]y point is that the attack will come from a Muslim person,” so law enforcement should go to Muslim communities, “knock on the door,” and say “[w]e would like you to identify yourself…” [Link]

The drivel continues:

They’re, right now, in our bloodstream, right in our system. And where are they? They’re on the streets, on Atlantic Avenue, wherever the Muslim community is. You have 1.2 million Muslims around the world. They say at least —

CAVUTO: 1.2 billion.

DIETL: Two — two — 1.2 billion. There’s about 20 percent of them that are radical, fundamentalist. So, we are talking about —

CAVUTO: How do you know that many are?

DIETL: You — you have a following. You have these things called imams. They’re supposed to be religious figures. What they’re doing is, they’re bringing people over from Muslim countries over — and this is — this is facts -… [Link]

That last line was my favorite one.

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  1. who in their right mind watches Fox News? if i wanted to torture someone a la Clockwork Orange, fox news would be among my prime required viewing (along with morning news shows). and this guy dietl – has a yucky permatan and looks like he’s going to have a convulsion at any minute.

  2. TheyÂ’re, right now, in our bloodstream, right in our system.

    That is seriously frightening language. The language of infection, of equating other human beings to pathogens. And we’ve heard it before, from elsewhere.

  3. Dear Mr. Dietl, please stop breeding immediately. Mean hateful people only breed little mean hateful people. Thank you, and Haripa,


  4. One of our worker monkeys must have altered the image before it landed on my desk.

    Altered? I don’t see any difference…

  5. The last one was about how New York was unsafe during Christmas, with Bo Dietl telling us that ‘ali bababoos’ were on the loose and here too The second clip is about a women’s prison that doesn’t have a fence. Bo Dietl chimes in to talk about how the ‘lesbionics’ are dangerous and how the mayor probably has a ‘dildo fetish’ which is preventing him from fencing in the prison.

  6. Thanks Ravin. That Daily Show clip was hilarious. At least we know the depths of his nut-casery now.

  7. While the majority of sane individuals can disregard his comments as sheer lunacy, but what about the impressionable yahoos who are frequent viewers of Faux News? Wasn’t it blissful ignorance on behalf of an enthusiastic Arizonian that gunned down an innocent Sikh Mr Sodhi? This is tantamount to inciting hate crimes, if you ask me. The average redneck hill billy with whom this message resonates with, will take it to heart and question innocent hard working people.Plus this guy looks quite semitic or south asian, both in colour and by virtue of adorning a beard, perhaps we should grab him, throw him in an interrogation centre and ask him to identify himself.

  8. I think this guy has a point. 1.2 Billion muslims, and twenty percent are radical fundamentalists. That’s 240 Million potential terrorists. We should immediately start attacking Islamic nations indicriminately, starting with the ones that have actual terrorists and slowly progressing to others that just don’t like us. Of course, we will make exceptions for the ones that sell us oil or supported us during the seventies, no matter how brutally they oppress their people or how many terrorists they harbor (including Osama).

    This guy is not crazy. He represents the average American. This has been my point all along: this is how many people here (U.S.A.) view brown people. Maybe not everyone, and maybe not to your face, but a lot more than you guys seem to realize. Being from the Midwest, I see it everyday, in the way I’m treated and the things people say when they don’t realize I’m around. My passage above is not an attempt at Spoorlam’s lame mockery. It is a pretty accurate portrayal of the Bush Doctrine. I’m just glad that he is up front about it; I far prefer that to the condescending liberals who basically think the same thing, but won’t say it.

  9. mmm All I can say is: somebody gonna get a hurt real bad…somebody.

  10. Every now and then an idiot comes on Fox News and distorts the correct message with his sabre-rattling…

    M. Nam

  11. the correct message is that its ok to monitor all imams on US soil.

    Good luck with that…at least in Sunni Islam, there is no formal clergy; how exactly do you figure out who is an ‘imam’ and how/why would you want to track them all?

  12. This guy is not crazy. He represents the average American. This has been my point all along: this is how many people here (U.S.A.) view brown people.

    I disagree. Thats how people who hold such views would like the average American to think/be represented. I was raised in the Midwest and lived there long enough, and atleast from my experience, most people just go about their business paying bills, mowing lawns, going to Home Depot and Walmart on the weekends. Yes, there is a spike in idiots (the 10% rule) finding an agenda to use to their advantage, but lets not use the “average American” statement just like idiots like these would like to condemn “average muslim”. Different sides of the same coin.

    Just because a vocal minority who espouse facist and alarmist views (Genius here is a prime example) doesn’t mean you can extrapolate that to the average American. I agree with you that there are quite a few in the liberal establishment that hide behind kinder words but hold similar ideas.

    Average Americans may be naive and lack the appropriate knowledge, but I don’t think they have similar malicious intentions as this blowhard. Big boy here could start by reading Sageman’s Understanding Terrorist Networks. Hell, Fox News could do them selves some credit and have him on as a guest (They may have, but smart guys usually don’t garner the same attention as a shit stirrer).

  13. Whats funny is that this idiot probably doesnt know that Saudi Prince Walid bin Talal owns a big chunk of Fox News. Interesting “He said that during last month’s street protests in France, the US television network Fox — owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation in which Al-Walid himself has shares — ran a banner saying: “Muslim riots.”

    “I picked up the phone and called Murdoch… (and told him) these are not Muslim riots, these are riots out of poverty,” he said.

    “Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from Muslim riots to civil riots.”‘ Also, he is a big player in Disney(ABC news) and tried to keep Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 out of the theaters.

    Think Neil Cavuto doesnt know who his real bosses are ?

    Fox News is just the last throes of the White Anglo Saxon Establishment thats just waking up to the facts that this aint 1952 anymore. The median age of Bill O Reilly(largest watched news show on cable) show is 65 !!

    Theres a good chance that Bo Dietl’s kids will report to one of the kids of the 711 clerk !

  14. M]y point is that the attack will come from a Muslim person,”

    Weren’t the guys they arrested actually some kind of Christian/Jewish cult?

  15. Weren’t the guys they arrested actually some kind of Christian/Jewish cult?

    Aww, that’s sweet, a vain hope that Fox News has any items actually based on truth and accuracy.

    Reminds me of my first year at law school when I thought it was all about justice 😛

  16. Fox News is just the last throes of the White Anglo Saxon Establishment thats just waking up to the facts that this aint 1952 anymore. The median age of Bill O Reilly(largest watched news show on cable) show is 65 !!

    Isnt that even older than the evening network news. I am surprised that O’Reilly’s viewers are so old considering the fact that most of his shows are so tabloidish.

  17. Weren’t the guys they arrested actually some kind of Christian/Jewish cult?

    Yes. More importantly, they weren’t part of an international terror circuit. But why let facts get in the way when there’s another government scandal to bump off the news pages? 🙂

    By Friday afternoon, Dick Cheney was hitting the Republican fundraising circuit in Illinois, praising government agents for thwarting this would-be, Miami-based invasion of the American homeland. By evening, all the news chatter about Bush administration spying scandals had given way to a Code Red regimen of fear and disdain for our own civil liberties. Without Big Brother’s watchful eye, Al Qaeda would have just taken out the Sears Tower along with five, we came to learn, FBI buildings across the US. Go stick that to your naïve, Constitution-loving social studies teacher. Bush uber alles! Save the Sears Tower. Upon closer examination of the indictment, however, it seems the supposed warriors had no weapons, no plans to obtain explosives, had never been to Chicago and didn’t even have maps of Chicago. Their only al Qaeda connection was with a member of the FBI’s South Florida Terrorist Task Force. The Miami Cell, it turns out, is a group of seven Haitian immigrants and Haitian-Americans, most with backgrounds in petty crime and street names such as Brother Rot and Brother Naudy. Their supposed leader, Narseal Batiste, also known as Prince Manna, is the aforementioned Moses figure who wandered the neighborhood in robes and capes, sometimes wearing odd headgear, preaching a homemade Judeo-Christian hybrid religion. If you think this doesn’t jibe well with al Qaeda mythology, read on. When the FBI raided the homes of the supposed terrorists, they found no weapons, which, quite frankly, is rather odd in South Florida. And they had no explosives. Not even, it appears, any books on how to make explosives. Not even an Internet post on how to make a Diet Pepsi-Mentos rocket.
  18. it seems that the arrested characters were a mainly haitian group of nutty millenarian martial-arts enthusiasts who were believers is some version of the Universal Moorish Science Temple, a group that was set up in the post-Reconstruction era by a man whose name was Drew something-or-other (too lazy to look it up, but you can) who styled himself “Noble Drew Ali.” The Moorish was a romanticised reference to the African origins of black people in America, as well as justification to wear cool headgear, especially fezzes. this was one of the first but by no means last such groups to spring up in black America in America after the end of slavery and later, the Great Migration, resulted in the formation of large urban black communities, free by law but coping with the intensification of racial barriers in the Jim Crow era.

    later, another such group sprung up in Depression-era Detroit led by a mysterious “prophet” W. D. Fard, who went around converting people to his own self-styled form of Islam, which had absolutely nothing to do with the Quran or anything else. “Islam” was a was of claiming belonging to a larger and global community with a spiritual dimension, an attractive mental escape from the conditions of daily life. Fard eventually vanished without a trace, but his chief disciple, Elijah Poole, built the movement as Elijah Mohammed; this is the birth of the Nation of Islam.

    the Nation itself has had various offshoots of different degrees of seriousness and credibility of purpose, from those seeking a latter-day connection with actual Islam (adopting the Quran, performing Haj, and abjuring the doctrine and cosmology of the Nation), to the ghetto-anarchism of the Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths. other movements have sprung up at various times that don’t stem from the Nation but respond to similar impetuses; all of them have in common their invocation of belonging to one — sometimes several — of the three major monotheistic religions. perhaps the most visible today in Americaqn cities are the “Hebrew Israelites” who stand at street corners in places like Watts or 125th Street and harangue onlookers, wearing robes and headdresses, one member reading from a scripture book, a second commenting the readings, and the others standing around in vague formation. the Hebrew Israelites have an excellent chart they often display that ientifies the latter-day descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel as respectively Pureto Ricans, Dominicans, Africans, etc etc.

    it appears that the brothers in that warehouse in Miami were some such group, whether directly identified with the Universal Moorish Temple (which I wasn’t aware was still around) or claiming a connection to it in their own minds. as others have noted and even the Administration has conceded, they had no weapons, plans or documented contact with anyone known to be actually dangerous, let alone al-Qaida, and everything they did that has been consiered incrimination was at the behest of the FBI agents infiltrating them. their “paramilitary exercises” were martial arts, meaning that anything happening at your neighborhood tae kwon do studio could be considered proof of terrorist intent. it’s so farcical, it’s amazing.


  19. I am not laughing. It is pathetic. Last week I was having lunch outside in the park when someone approached me to ask if I had immigrated legally to this country. They probably thought I was Spanish speaking since they were holding up signs like “This state is not a Mexican colony” – but the gall! To stop two brown attorneys and ask us these questions illustrates the mood in this country. I can’t imagine what would have happened if it was not lunch time in a very public area. What happens at the 7-11 at midnight with the clerk who cannot speak perfect English and the gun -toting customer who ask these questions? We have all read about it and we will probably read about it again. Fox News should be censured for propagating this hate speech.

  20. Ek Aurat,

    What was your reply to them? If I were you, I would have asked for their Passport, Social Security Card and Driver’s License, so that I could call the authorities to verify if they were forged or not.

    I hope you took a very strong stand – being a desi attorney, you are better equipped to do that.

    Fox News should be censured for propagating this hate speech.

    Censured by who?

    M. Nam

  21. Fox News should be censured for propagating this hate speech.

    I think this should be done. If tobacco companies can be sued endlessly for “killing” people, then Fox News can be sued for inciting hatred that ends in killings of Desis. Tobacco companies started putting warnings on the smoke pack since 40 years and still they can be sued.

    Ek Aurat, May be in your spare time you should look into the possibility, as you are an attorney, you are more qualified on this than I am.

  22. And just may be we can get our recently crowned superstar lawyer Neal Katyal to present it in the Supreme Court 🙂

  23. Fox News should be censured for propagating this hate speech.

    I think Fox News has actually expanded the debate on both sides to include people not regularly heard in the mainstream media. I remember seeing individuals from the New Black Panther Party on quite often. Then I was shocked to see my old professor, Howard Zinn, on (o’reilly i think). I used to think they do this in order to equate liberals with the most extreme left, therby scaring the american center; but now I see this guy on. Next up, david duke.

  24. Sadly, FOX’s ratings matter little thanks to the economics of basic cable. Excerpt from a post at HuffPo today:


    Most people do not understand the economics of cable TV. Free TV depends exclusively on advertising as its source of revenue. On the other hand, most of the revenue for cable/satellite channels comes from the subscribers. Although advertising is a good source of revenue for cable/satellite, it is not the most important source. That is why MSNBC and CNN can survive without any good content. The only news show on MSNBC that is worth watching is Keith Oberman. And ratings do not make much difference because MSNBC, CNN, and FOX get a fixed dollar amount per subscriber from the cable carrier. The same model also applies to satellite TV…

    …When Donahue was cancelled by MSNBC in 2003, it was the highest rated show on MSNBC. The problem with Donahue was that he was a liberal and anti-war. Hardball barely has an audience but there is no real consequence to NBC and its parent GE. MSNBC will still get its share of subscriber revenue even with the low ratings it has. That is a small price to pay for GE, one of the largest contractors for the DOD to keep in good standing with the Bush Administration. It is time to send a message to these cable/satellite carriers who are giving us substandard content and news that violates our own beliefs such as FNC.

  25. As much as I deplore it, FOX News is a business, and Rupert Murdoch is all about business – as his recent fundraiser for Hillary Clinton attests to.

    If he really cared about the pseudo moral values the right throws to its sheeples, Fox would not have been the one to bring this country products like Married With Children and The Simpsons.

    If the tide turns enough in this country, as the polls are starting to show, it will be Colmes & Hannity, not Hannity & Colmes, etc. before you know it! 😉

    Rupert loves the dollar, not Falwell/Rove/Dobson/O’Reilly or any other right-winger.

    In the meantime, the damage is done on a daily basis…