Amar Akbar Shabana-ji

Now here’s a matchup you don’t see every day: Shabana Azmi and Muhammad Ali being honored at Davos (thanks, nycpepe).

Muhammad Ali and Shabana Azmi

Honorees Ali, Azmi, Michael Douglas, Gilberto Gil

… veteran actress Shabana Azmi has been honoured by the World Economic forum… at Davos in Switzerland. The Bollywood actor was honoured with the prestigious Crystal Award… alongside Hollywood actor Michael Douglas. The honour places Shabana in the league of… Paulo Coelho, Peter Gabriel, Richard Gere and Nikita Mikhalkov, who have won the award in previous years. [Link]

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10 thoughts on “Amar Akbar Shabana-ji

  1. Hollywood greats like Paulo Coelho, Peter Gabriel, Richard Gere and Nikita Mikhalkov

    Since when were authors and pop stars Hollywood greats? Anyway, cool find nycpepe/manish. Even with a Parkinsonian stoop, Mo still makes the others look tiny.

  2. Great find! Shabana definitely deserves the accolades. She is brilliant in Aparna Sen’s latest movie 15 Park Avenue — watching her perform, you’re reminded of what an utterly powerful actor she is.

  3. Hollywood greats like Paulo Coelho, Peter Gabriel, Richard Gere and Nikita Mikhalkov

    When did Paulo Coelho become a Hollywood great? Peddling bottled advice on how to lead your life in weak allegories?

  4. Mohammed Ali looks like dignity personified, esp if you take into account what he’s stood for. the guy could phone it in but he’s till out there doing good things. what would he say if he could talk? part of me thinks he’d make a difference

  5. Shabana just has a great media machinery working for her since the start. While her acting skills may be good, that is no logic or reason on the number of accolades she manages to extract. Being called on at an Economic Forum is a sure indication of the same. There are many other deserving people who die unheard and unseen – those who have actually contributed something concrete to society. Entertainment is given just too much leverage. Just too overated.