Beebful of Russell

Here’s yet another Russell Peters comedy clip. A thinner Peters makes an appearance on the Beeb and does a shout-out to Meera Syal, who’s sitting in the front row.

Madhuri Dixit and Vinod Khanna in Dayavaan

You’ve probably heard most of the material before, but there’s a cute joke about what porn would be like if it conformed to the standards of Bollywood censors. Contrary to popular belief, there have been oodles of smooches in Bollywood films, including by the faux-virginal Rai, and even some toplessness.

Way back in 1933, Devika Rani shocked people with her lingering kiss with Himanshu Rai in Karma. [Link]

… [Dimple Kapadia] created as big a splash with her comeback in Saagar when she flashed her exposed breasts to the camera for a few quick frames… a shocking first for a mainstream actress in a Bollywood film. [Link]

Mrs. Kapadia presents! This gallery of kisses through Bollywood history is way too rrro-man-tik to be saved for V Day.

For readers of different suasion, try Dosti: Friends Forever (trailer). Bobby Deol and Akshay Kumar gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, vowing eternal love and loyalty… on motorcycles. They were trying for ‘Yeh Dosti’ from Sholay, with Deol as the younger Dharmendra. What they got instead was Brokeback Hillstation. A film culture which only mentions gays when ridiculing them, affords lots of room for hot hetero phrendship.

21 thoughts on “Beebful of Russell

  1. i am really digging bobby’s shirt in that pic with akshay kumar. the man is quite the trendsetter!

  2. i am really digging bobby’s shirt… Was that my lunch?

    ha! i know…every time i see that picture, my eyes are strangly drawn to that blue flower near his elbow.

    who let him outside the house with that on? every guy needs a girl/another guy/friend/mom/mirror/neighbor/chaiwallah down the st. to stop, pause, peruse, and say “hmmm…not so much”.

  3. just a shout out for some help … am looking for my annual dose of bolly-confection – it’s a toss-up (sic) among these selections – at the local suh-neema. Any recommendations? and … unlike Mr Veezh, I’m not a cerebral kind… give me melodrama and good melody and me’s happy… so… pliss do advisse.

  4. dhaavak, i’ve heard bluffmaster is good, loosely based on the underrated “matchstick men”. altho i feel you should do your part as a loyal mutineer and watch “dosti” just to let us know how it was!

  5. I recommend Apaharan a flick that reflects the state of lawlessness in the jungles of bihar. very gripping !

  6. i don’t see why brown filmic artists should be following westerners in their lascivious methods. love is shown through the eyes, not slobbered all over each other via tongues. keep private, private.

  7. Dhaavak

    Oh dost, how I appreciate your cravings for Bolly-fix. I haven’t seen Apharan yet, but keep hearing raves about it, it’s a bit of a serious film though. Check out “Kalyug”, just saw it and totally loved it. Kunal Khemu and Deepal Shaw (ooooh, the hottie with serious brains) are the hottest things around in India right now. The story is also well defined and crisply executed, on the net porn mafia in India. Bluffmaster is fun fluff. Of course, if you really have a backlog, you need to get the big ones of the year: Salaam namaste, bunty aur babli, parineeta and paheli.

  8. this review of Dosti at got my eye…

    Much of the masculine sentimentality and male maudlinism, so appropriate to Raj Kapoor’s and Rajendra Kumar’s passionate camaraderie in “Sangam”, seems hopelessly out of place in the present day age of sexual cynicism.

    did the reviewer say masculine and maudlin in the same sentence…? And go on to lament cynicism? I am SO going to this movie. Just the mythical mush rush i need
    So … Dosti it is my friends-of-south-asian-origin-but-maybe-only-localized-to-america-and-with-punju-mulloo-ancestors-and-residing-on-east-or-the-west-coast-using-firefox-browsers-in-a-korn-shell-environment-and-radically-fond-of-sri-lankan-tamil-babes-singing-nonsensical-verse-or-may-be-not-and-i-am-so-outofbreathigottofinishthisrightnow
    (And btw TechnoPhobicGeek, thanks for the shout out and … nice snaps from periyar)

  9. i am really digging bobby’s shirt in that pic with akshay kumar. the man is quite the trendsetter!

    what trend is that? 1968?