Sunkrish Bala will appear on Will & Grace tonight and Grey’s Anatomy on Sunday (thanks, Kiran):

Sunkrish Bala will be appearing on TV during Thanksgiving weekend. Look for him on “WILL and GRACE”– Thursday, Nov. 24th, 8:30PM on NBC and on “GREY`S ANATOMY”– Sunday, Nov. 27th, 10PM on ABC. These are guest starring roles and will likely feature him prominently. [Link]

Height: 6’1″ [Link]

He’s previously been on CSI:NY and My Name is Earl. He had a part in Desipina’s production of Barriers and played Rama in an adaptation of the Ramayana:

… I watched Cornerstone’s production of The Ramayana float effortlessly across the David Henry Hwang’s stage… a shortened and speeded-up version tailored to hold the attention of American audiences…

There is a silly but funny scene in which Rama tells Lakshman of their need to forge an alliance with the monkey kingdom. “Uh, I don’t think they like to be called that,” Rama’s brother delicately points out. There follows an argument about the socially sensitive term to use (Vanaras), although, Rama complains, he can’t keep up with all these self-descriptions — “Why can’t they pick one name and stick with it?” And later, when he hears the Vanaras actually calling themselves “monkeys,” Lakshman points out that “It’s all right for them to call each other that…” [Link]

Romantic lead, maybe? Going from cabbie to Latin lover, exoticized though it might be, would be one step up in the reductionist sitcom pecking order.

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  1. He looks like eerily my bro. The only instinct I’m having is to throw a booger at him, or lock him in the pantry.

  2. lol i saw him tonight…pretty funny… i’m glad it wasn’t a very stereotypical role… and hot? really? he’s such a trip in real life, i can’t imagine that =)

  3. Didn’t see it, but then I have not yet seen you either Sunkrish’s_acquiantence. It would be more believable and you would come off more credible if you spelled your name right. Publicity and desparaton don’t mix well. Just a note, out of courtesy.

  4. TO: The Rt. Hon. V. S. Srinivasa Sastri

    1. When in Rome…
    2. You are sensitive, really.
    3. Bye now. And forever.
  5. The indian american community has the financial resources and film talent to create movies which portray the complexity of indian americans but nobody has made the effort to bring the money and talent together. All I find on Sepia are people cursing the non-desi media’s depiction of indian americans.

  6. nobody has made the effort to bring the money and talent together.

    Just wait 10 years, when the 2nd gen has the/more money to back some talent. It’s already starting on a smaller scale, but I think it will get bigger and better.

  7. O Pico! strange brother,
    all anger and little rhyme.
    may i suggest a frothy chill
    a tall wheat … with a squeeze of lime.


  8. can any one point to a screen play of henry huangs ramayana adaptation… The monkey – vanar bit increased my curiousity….. Just want to see if its avaliable on the web.

  9. “The indian american community has the financial resources and film talent to create movies which portray the complexity of indian americans but nobody has made the effort to bring the money and talent together”

    Yeah but the community doesnt own a major distributor and no major one would put out a film about indians. I dont think a movie showing indian kids studying for the MCATS in a Barnes and Nobles would be a great theater experience.

    Its will be at about the 3rd or generation of Indians in America before Indians start to get interesting. The only major screen writer and directors are M Night , not even going to try to spell his last name, and that Jay “not going to try to spell his last name either, and they cant even do it. M Night tried to get that book called ” Life of Pi” made into a movie but he said that white people in hollywood wont let him make a movie about people who are not white. And that Jay guy is to busy making really really bad movies. “Dukes of Hazard” are you kidding me? I say we give him away for that one.

  10. He’s ok I guess. He’s really hot in a white frat-boy sorta way, but then again I’ve never liked the frat boys.

  11. Not so kute on the show. Emasculation of the asian male continues. white girl reres sleeping with him and he is accused of using viagara.

  12. Also, franktank, it’s Jay Chandrasekhar, and Supertroopers and Club Dread were great works of art.

  13. What I didn’t understand is that the guy Meredith met last week at the bar at the end of the show was not this desi fellow. Was there a hole in the time-space-TV continuum that I missed?

    As far as the priaprismatic character goes, it could have been far worse.

  14. Not that this is new info, but I just want to add that thisw guy is cute and that I am glad to see Indian men playing non-stereotypical roles- Even though it does weirdly perpetuate that who emasculating issue. I wish he weren’t playing such a dorky character…

  15. It was kinda refreshing to watch grey’s tonight and see a desi kid play a non doctor role in the hospital. It was also kinda refreshing to see not one “desi” reference to his character the entire time. Are we moving up in how we desis are portrayed??? I think we are!

    I wonder why they named him “steve.”

  16. re: grey’s anatomy, he is listed as “Steve Murphy”. i.e there is no desi reference at all. FWIW, i thought that this was the least stereotypical usage of an Indian-American actor on a TV show that I’ve seen.

    And you have to give the writers of this show some credit; admittedly the character of Christina is a little stereotypical (asian over achiever medical resident etc), but overall they slip in character interactions that in other series would be fraught with racial overtones (like the whole Burke-Christina thing). I might be naive, but african-american and caucasian characters are treated quite matter-of-factly in this series, and you get the feeling that the actors could have easily been switched around without too much trouble (well maybe not the main two).

  17. Wow, Sunkrish, I went to Highschool with him! I got an email from our alumni department that he would be appearing on those shows. What a trip.

  18. Hyphen summarizes the Grey’s Anatomy episode. It’s about brown anatomy:

    Well the latest one-night stand this last episode was a South Asian guy named Steve… In a non-Asian-specific role! Boinking the title character! Unfortunately he shows up at the hospital the next day because he has a problem. You see, what went up hasn’t come down yet. One of the doctors, the mean one, accuses him of taking Viagra… Steve insists he and his performance are 100% natural and that he did not take any drugs. Thus poking and prodding (of the medical kind) ensues… She, meanwhile, spends the entire episode being mortified that she “broke his penis…” In the end, Steve is vindicated. He wasn’t faking anything. He has a tumor that is putting pressure on some nerve, which is causing the Mr. to stand up. The episode ends with his manliness in tact. Yeah Steve! Steve asks Meredith if she would consider being more than a one-night stand. She declines as she is clearly not over ex-boyfriend-who-has-a-wife. Oh well, guess we won’t see Steve anymore. [Link]
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