That’s All Folks!

So I’ve finished up all the popcorn and the lime soda here at the North Dakota headquarters. I looked for Ennis’s magic mirror, but the only one I found cracked. I broke into Abhi’s weight room and accidentally dialed up the poundage–hopefully he’s as prepared for two gees as zero. I rifled through Sajit’s files but could not find the combo to the safe and ended up breaking the drawer. I tried to steal Anna’s cranberry pickle, but just ended up leaving finger prints all over the mango. I snuck into Manish’s marble bathtub, but spilled his sandalwood oil all over myself.  I tried to nap in Vinod’s comfy bed, only to realize he has surveillance cameras. In other words, I better get the hell out of here before they paddle me again.

But not without leaving a present for the gracious hosts and readers. There’s one blog that I never managed to mention in a post. I just never found the right hook. But it’s a great blog and it’s got a lot of South Asian talent on it. It’s called 3 Quarks Daily, and it’s edited by Pakistani-born Manhattanite Abbas Raza. Much of the time it’s just a filter blog, citing amazing articles with one line comments. Very geeky, very worldly, very artistic, and veddy veddy good.  For that alone it’s valuable. On Mondays, however, they post all original material. This last Monday, for example, Abbas’s sister Azra wrote up part I of a report on the War on Cancer. Azra and Sughra Raza figure in a moving tale of Desi American collaboration which is described here and here

On Halloween Abbas remembered a scary return to JFK from Pakistan three years ago. It doesn’t quite go where you think it’s going.

Hmm, that sounds like Abhi pulling in with the pick-up. And I think Manish has caught the trail of escaped perfume. I better run! Tata, hosts and readers, and thanks for all the spicy snacks!


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25 thoughts on “That’s All Folks!

  1. Fantastic work, Saheli! You and ads represented the Bay Area beautifully!! Okay, okay, I guess now I’m going to get a dirty look from Vinod. ;)

  2. dialed up the poundage

    sniff that just brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for spending time with us! We are all a bit smarter for it.

    I’m in agreement with Razib: :(

  3. Great posts, Saheli! It was fun sharing the NDHQ guest room with you. Don’t think I didn’t notice the mysterious disappearance of my Saif Ali Khan photo collage, though.

  4. Saheli – You will be back ! Btw, all I got from your first paragraph was —> Manish + Sandalwood Oil on U + Vinods comfy bed + CAMERAS!!!

  5. Saheli, you are a fantastic writer — truly gifted and often very poetic. I can’t believe your one-month’s incarceration at SM HQ is over already.

    Oh yes, don’t forget to twist Abhi’s arm and force him to hand over those videos from the secret cameras in the bathrooms too ;)

  6. Saheli, I’m stopping by just for you girlfrand. Both you and ads have been superb and I’ve really enjoyed your posts, sincerely. I’m sorry I never got you my biodata, but my Bengali science brain ain’t as hot as yours – so you’re out of my league!

    Anyway, I shall continue to read your blog. Best of luck!

  7. Novel perspectives on a variety of issues, put forth with passion. You raised the level of discussion here.


  8. but you’ll still drop the occasional literary breakdown and Lahiri dissection on us, right?


  9. oh that’s so much better!

    yes, of course that’s what I meant.

    What would I do without you to improve my thoughts, badmash ;)