42 hours until the SF Meetup!

Just a lightning-quick reminder (what IS it with me getting kicked out of the few, feeble places with net access out here???) about Sunday’s MEETUP.

Be there or be gossiped about. Viciously. ;)

VHAT: Meetup!
VHEN: October 30, 2pm
VHERE: Caffe Greco, 423 Columbus Ave

I promise to hold court until at least 6pm, so IST-adherents should be accomodated, just fine. So far, rumor has it that current Guest Bloggers extraordinaire Saheli and Ads will be there, signing autographs if you are exceptionally lucky.

I will probably be live-blogging it, like last time, since unlike HERE, North Beach has wayyy more wifi for the travel-weary and net-addicted. Whether or not the revolution is blogged, it WILL be photographed. So prepare to paneer it up, big time. As for who is on the Wee Eye Pee: come one, come all, blogger, comment-crafter, lurker and anti-Mutineer alike. We don’t bite.


But it IS the day before Halloween, so if you get lucky… ;)

10 thoughts on “42 hours until the SF Meetup!

  1. So, in order to promote proper gossip about myself, who do I send the events of my detailed life to? Just wanna make sure it’s proper gossip, that’s all.

  2. i’m taking this opportunity to plug Atlanta.

    in case you were unaware Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. It hosted the 1996 Olympics which marked a recent renaissance of the city. Additionally it plays home to several major sports teams: the Braves, the Hawks, the Falcons, and the Thrashers. There’s a great night life, lots of shopping, a zoo [with Pandas!], a new aquarium set to open in November, and many many many colleges. Atlanta is also #11 on the list of most populous Indian American cities.

    so can we have a meet up here? anna we like you? hehehe

    either way, everyone have a happy halloween! laters

  3. ms mixed up: we will have our own meet up here..

    full of mixed up people and garbanzobean lovers..

    don’t worry missy :)

    you plugged atl.. there must be others out there…come out come out whereever you are…

  4. Unfortunately, I have to cop out today, even though I originally planned on being there :-( Maybe next time. Have fun!

  5. So I’ve been sitting here at Greco, wondering where everyone is, and I just remembered about Daylight Savings Time. D’oh. See you all in 20 minutes!