Dear Mushie: Shut up. Sincerely, Pakistan’s Women

stop it.jpg The walking P.R. disaster who is PakistanÂ’s president canÂ’t get a break. Nor should he, since he is a dick AND a weasel. I hate to throw two slang references to the male anatomy in the same paragraph, but damn Gina…if youÂ’re going to front like youÂ’re cold-blooded, have the balls to follow through with that unwise approach. Pervez, denying that you made a heartless comment which the entire world heard is only soiling the bed you made and have to lie in…no pun intended.

Care for some background, in case you’re just joining us?

Almost two weeks ago, I posted that the clue-free President of Pakistan was staying at the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC and that a protest was planned outside of it, to shame Mushie into owning his countryÂ’s pathetic approach to human rights for women. Later, I blogged about his sputtering reaction to the vocal horde outside his temporary Manhattan quarters.

As the human rights and women groups protested outside the Roosevelt Hotel against the treatment of rape victims in Pakistan, Gen Musharraf said that such protests should be held in and not outside Pakistan.[link]

Well, today he got his wish.

Hundreds of women have demonstrated in Pakistan demanding the country’s president apologise for controversial remarks about female rape victims…[BBC]

“Controversial” is too kind. The Pakistani Prez spewed some of the most insensitive words regarding rape since Clayton-inserted-foot-in-mouth-but-sadly-did-not-choke-to-death-Williams’ infamous comment 15 years ago, during the Texas Gubernatorial race, when he compared bad weather to a sexual assault:

“as long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” [wiki]

Yeah. Those silly rape similes are tricky. We shouldn’t focus on THAT, though. He’s such a good guy:

Gen Musharraf..insisted his government supported womens’ rights.[BBC]

His government supports women? I’d consider believing it but Mushie and I have trust issues– after all, now he furiously denies making any nasty comments. Sigh. It’s too bad that the Washington Post, whom he made his thoughtless statement to in the first place, has proof of his idiocy on tape (thanks Manish); hear it at 8:25.

the Washington Post has since made an audio recording of the interview available on its website…Gen Musharraf was interviewed by the Washington Post while in the US on 13 September. He was quoted as saying: “You must understand the environment in Pakistan. This has become a money-making concern.[BBC]
“A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped.”[BBC]

Speaking of balls, would that other world leaders were as stand-up as this guy:

The remarks prompted an official protest by the Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.[BBC]

Today, you got the protests IN Pakistan which you asked for, Mr. President. Two weeks ago, you told the Washington Post that you’re all about “emancipating” and “empowering” women. Well? What’ll it be? Now’s the time to put up or shut up.


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17 thoughts on “Dear Mushie: Shut up. Sincerely, Pakistan’s Women

  1. Speaking of balls, would that other world leaders were as stand-up as this guy:

    yes, we love paul too. he’s pretty ineffectual, but he tries real hard and we still love him. he’s our paul.

  2. What else do you expect from a pakistani president?… those great historical beacon of leaderhood, in whose footsteps Mr. Mushie proudly follows. rape as a money-making concern… Yes. He is correct, it is a money making concern. But not to the women who get raped, but for the police and officials who get paid out by the rapist. For the women… All of them, its a life time of nightmare they have to endure for the misfortune of being born in one of the worst countries in the world.

  3. … in one of the worst countries in the world.

    Hey man. that’s a pretty strong statement. care to retract or explain your emotion here.

  4. a subjective opinion that stands. Pakistan of today has absolutely nothing productive and constructive to offer this world. No accomplishments to speak of, poor human rights record, and no chance of democracy. An islamic fundamentlist outlook, the same outlook that created the country, has completely wiped out its minority(usualy through force, cohersion, and oppression). Yes, its ONE of the worst countries in the world. I stick by my words

  5. Yes, its ONE of the worst countries in the world. I stick by my words

    Hey Amp – I appreciate your vigorous defence. The data you present is valid – but to assume the country as a whole is beyond redemption is a very broad generalization. If this was indeed a totalitarian state – we would not have heard of mukhtar mai, or seen any protests on the streets of Multan . The newspapers would not have had the balls to criticize the president. An excerpt from Ayaz amir’s column

    Gen MusharrafÂ’s thoughts on rape, therefore, are not an aberration. Nor can they be attributed solely to the male chauvinism prevalent in our society. They reveal a problem of psychology: the helmsman in a dictatorship, [especially of the tin pot variety] beginning to lose balance. This should come as no surprise, six years of unchecked power being enough to turn anyoneÂ’s head.

    So, all in all, – I agree that the outrage should not have occurred in the first place – but the fact that there is open resistance is positive and casting a nation to the rubbish heap – does its constituents grave disservice – and brings down the property value of the neighbors, 😉

  6. dhaavak, I would add that the problem with writing a country off is that then there is little value in struggling for change; i.e. if there is no possibility of change why would one ever struggle against Musharraf? The reality is that in Pakistan there are political parties with more progressive agendas than other parties, and one has to make the best of a situation…(my own vote would be for the Awami National Party in NWFP and Balochistan, or the MQM in Karachi, or the PPP in Punjab)

  7. I would like to know what you think of India… 🙂

    Just like the Baburnama says, it’s also one of the worst countries in the world. Same for Bdesh, SL, Nepal, Bhutan. Especially AFGH.

    But the Maldives — now that’s a nice place!

  8. … it’s also one of the worst countries in the world

    not surprising coming from a guy named ikram. But there is hope there that doesn’t exist anywhere else. It is a country that still counts a thriving minority. It is a country with a history of inclusion and more important an economy that has its arrows firmly pointed upward. It is a country with a muslim president and a sikh prime minister. lets compare india and pakistan when a hindu or a christian is allowed to becomes its leader(it will never happen there as people there are narrow minded). lets not compare india and pakistan… not yet, not now. The two countries are not even in the same epoch needless to say league.

  9. Hey Amplifiar, Don’t expend engery on the matter, it was just a poor bait. Like you said, there so isn’t any comparison between India and Pak. And of course Ikram’s frame of reference should alert you to the low-quality of the bait – he’s quoting baburnama! From a partisan doc (to say the least) from an invading side that didn’t consider other human lives worth letting live.

  10. “not surprising coming from a guy named ikram”

    Leaving the merits of any comment made on this thread aside, I think this sort of bigoted comment is uncalled for.

  11. not surprising coming from a guy named ikram

    Oh dear. Razib (the atheist) and Al Mujahid (for debauchery) were right. Sepiamutiny comment boards really do force silly qualifiers — to aid the humour impaired and the irretrievably communal (usually the same people).

    But what to pick? “Ikram for Self-abuse” — far too truthful. “Ikram the atheist except during in-flight turbulence”? A little wordy. Obviously needs more thought….

    In any case Amplifiar (for misspelling?), I wish Bharat-mata, my own ancestral homeland, all the best. Jai hind!!

  12. PS– particularly uncalled for given various comments on Sepia by people called, among others, “Umair”; leaving the ethics (or lack thereof) of such stereotyping aside, it’s not very likely to be accurate…

  13. I think Musharf misses the beat within the country but he’s saved his people from a big war… possibly?

  14. hi! I’m just another woman from that side of the world where we are free to do anything – have the pill and get away with it, meet the guy and say ” sorry, you are just not good enuogh for me”, things like that…but, really maybe I am just fortunate.One question though: Is Pakistan the worst country to be a woman in? Because I have noe guy here who tries to convince me that it is not…and please can i get an answer from one of your women there? thanks!