The next coalition of the willing

The term “Coalition of the Willing,” when used to describe the troops in Iraq has been a bit of a joke over the last few years.  Everyone knows it’s 99% U.S. and British soldiers on the ground.  Right in plain sight however, the U.S. government is constructing its next coalition of the willing.  Guess who it probably hopes is willing participant #1?  First a bit of background though.  The CIA has been grumbling of late at the emergence of China as the U.S.’s main strategic threat (although I think it is global warming) in the next twenty years.

Beijing’s military modernization and military buildup is tilting the balance of power in the Taiwan Strait. Improved Chinese capabilities threaten US forces in the region.

In 2004, China increased its ballistic missile forces deployed across from Taiwan and rolled out several new submarines.

China continues to develop more robust, survivable nuclear-armed missiles as well as conventional capabilities for use in a regional conflict.

Taiwan continues to promote constitutional reform and other attempts to strengthen local identity. Beijing judges these moves to be a “timeline for independence”. If Beijing decides that Taiwan is taking steps toward permanent separation that exceed Beijing’s tolerance, we believe China is prepared to respond with various levels of force. [Link]

Also this:

The United States is closely watching China’s military improvements and hoping the country will evolve into “a constructive force” in the Asia-Pacific region, says Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

At a February 17 hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Rumsfeld addressed questions about China’s military modernization — most especially of its navy… [Link]

Granted, China has a long way to go to threaten us militarily, but they have a lot of potential.  They are like a raw but obscenely athletic NFL rookie (sorry, my fantasy football draft is next week).  Today a couple news articles to note.  First the BBC reports that the U.S. is lifting nuclear curbs on India:

The United States has removed some export restrictions on six Indian civilian nuclear and space facilities.

The facilities will now be allowed to purchase sensitive technology from the US without being subject to special licenses, reports say.

Washington had imposed sanctions on India following its nuclear tests in May 1998.

But earlier this year it agreed to increase co-operation on civilian nuclear energy programmes.

In a statement, the US embassy in Delhi said it expected the move to boost high-technology trade between the two countries.

Now some Hindu nationalists (the ones that never seem to see straight) may think that this is finally acknowledgement that the U.S. believes India should be given every advantage to counter terrorism in Pakistan.  Nope.  The U.S. wants to make sure that China’s large neighbor is armed to the teeth.  Remember when we invaded Iraq and our “ally” Turkey wouldn’t grant us flyover access or base rights?  Why not grease the skids in India years in advance.  If the U.S. staged from India, China would be forced to invade, drawing India into an all-out and potentially nuclear war.  The U.S. Navy would squeeze from the east (Japan and Taiwan) and India from the west.  Maybe I have an overactive imagination but I think this is plausible.   SM tipster Srinath sends us another article which allows a further glimpse into U.S. policy:

 Iran’s top nuclear negotiator held talks with Indian leaders yesterday to garner support for Tehran’s controversial nuclear programme and stave off a threat of sanctions, Indian officials said.

Ali Larijani’s two-day visit to the Indian capital came days ahead of a trip to Tehran by Indian Foreign Minister Natwar Singh, aimed at building contacts with Iran’s new leadership.

India is facing a delicate balancing act as it tries to maintain a longstanding friendship with Iran while moving closer to Washington, which wants Tehran to halt what it says is a secret nuclear weapons programme.

Ha! After the U.S.’s move earlier in the day I’d be shocked if India gave Iran even scraps.  Well played sir.  This is foreign policy maneuvering at its best!

2 thoughts on “The next coalition of the willing

  1. Granted, China has a long way to go to threaten us militarily, but they have a lot of potential

    A detailed article in Time Magazine shows how far China is willing to take their ambitions of toppling the US from its global position:(and the shocking incompetence of US intelligence organizations is giving them the keys to do it)


  2. This is foreign policy maneuvering at its best!

    Indeed but it is a game all nations play and the “China threat” issue has been a point of cooperation between the US and China for over 40 years.