Mirza Ghalib

Watch Sania Mirza play with her hair and handle her bidness in front of the press at the U.S. Open (thanks, Nilesh). Doña Quixote turns inane lobs into backhanded sports clichés, just like American jocks but with considerably more fluency. What is it with desis and references to the middle finger?

The press is turning Mirza into a latter-day Cool Runnings, but Indians already know all about vicious serves and over-the-line returns. Just eavesdrop at a party on Malabar Hill.

Speaking of nose rings, the press has a new obsession:

The diamond-studded nose ring protruding from her left nostril is the first giveaway that Sania Mirza is not your typical teenage prodigy shooting up the rankings. [Link]

Sania Mirza has punishing groundstrokes, a pierced nose and burgeoning celebrity in her native India. [Link]


p>Mirza and her doubles partner Bryanne Stewart dropped their match on Thursday, but both Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi advanced in mixed doubles. Mirza’s third-round match starts at 11 am ET today.

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  1. SHE WON SHE WON SHE WON! ON TO SHARAPOVA (IF SHE WINS)! sorry for the all caps, i’m just elated! 🙂

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