The Keystone Cops of Connaught Place

stooges.jpg Raju Sharma, a money changer in New Delhi, left his office around half-past eight last night carrying a bag filled with around Rs. 14 lakhs. On his way to the car, interception!

four young men on two motorcycles intercepted him and tried to snatch the bag. At this, Mr. Sharma put a stiff resistance and raised an alarm. [linky]

I “put a stiff resistance” whenever I’m approached by four young men, too. 😉

No heroes in all of ND?

However, since one of the robbers was brandishing a revolver, no one came forward. Though he fought with the robbers for about 10 minutes, in the end the culprits managed to snatch the bag as he lost hold of it on being hit on the head with the butt of the revolver.[linky]

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Subsequently, the culprits fled from the spot. Mr. Sharma in the meantime continued to cry for help, which caught the attention of a policeman who was passing by. The duo then gave a chase to the robbers in an auto-rickshaw.[linky]

Let me see if my fecund imagination is creating the proper picture: our pistol-whipped friend screams, a cop responds and then the TWO jump in…a rickshaw? How fast can rickshaws go? Can you just see this? “Follow those ‘cycles!”

In the melee, one of the two motorcycles on which the robbers were fleeing hit the central verge and two of the robbers fell on the road. However, they managed to regain composure and flee on foot.[linky]

Random fact: I like the word “melee”. Anyway, the fugitives fled fleetly by foot? Methinks I’ve got the answer to my, “how fast can rickshaws go?” question. 😉 Oy, what a flustercuck.

7 thoughts on “The Keystone Cops of Connaught Place

  1. Random fact: I like the word “melee”.

    I do too. Melees ensue. You cannot get that with a mere ‘hullaballoo’.

    Autorickshaws travel at about the same speed as a regualar cab in the city. And in Delhi, they run on environment-friendly Compressed Natural Gas instead of the usual petrol/diesel.

  2. not to mention the Bond Film that had a Sardarji as a baddie.

    Was it a rickshaw or autorickshaw ?

  3. This is not a comment on this piece. But I would like to know about the slide show Adershir Cowasjee is talking about in Dawn dated Aug 28,2005 There is an interesting slide show doing the internet e-mail rounds, all about India, its ‘Truths and Triumphs’. Our large neighbour, with its population of 1.3 billion who speak 325 different languages have available to them 5,600 daily newspapers, 15,000 weeklies and 20,000 periodicals written in 21 languages with a combined circulation of 142 million. Not content with the usual run of the mill models of Hondas, Toyotas, Hyundais, Suzukis and so on which flood the Pakistani market and are unique to it, MG Rover is marketing in India 100,000 Indica cars made by Tata in Europe, and Aston Martin has contracted the prototype of its latest luxury sports car, AM V8 Vantage, to an Indian-based designer and is about to produce the cheapest Aston Martin ever sold.

    According to this startling slide show, statistics show that in the US the 1.5 million resident Indians make up 38 per cent of its doctors, 12 per cent of its scientists, 36 per cent of NASA scientists, 34 per cent of Microsoft employees, and 28 per cent of IBM employees. The largest number of foreign students in the US are Indians. Of the US H1-B visas issued 44 per cent go to India, nine per cent to China, five per cent to Britain, and two per cent to Pakistan.

    Quite naturally, one slide is dedicated to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and to his quotes. Questioned on what his thoughts were on western civilization, his response was that ‘I think it would be a good idea.’ Another : ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’ And one of his greatest quotes, to which this country hardly subscribes : ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’

    I do not know about the various statistics quoted, but 38 pc of doctors in the US being Indians is off the mark by at atleast a factor of 10.