Reason #35213 Indian Kids are so Freakishly Smart

Express India reports

New Delhi, August 18: A teacher stabbed a pencil into the head of a four-year-old after she caught him sleeping. An incision had to be made to remove a piece of lead from the boy’s head.

…The incident occurred when class teacher Kalpana Kumari found Anas, a student of Prep I, napping in class. She snatched his pencil and hit him on the head.

This passage brings to mind Maoist Chinese justice where the family of the condemned is charged for the bullet used to execute him –

…The family of the boy alleged that Green Field Convent School did not even provide first aid. Anas, the victim, lives with his aunt as his parents are at Moradabad.

55 thoughts on “Reason #35213 Indian Kids are so Freakishly Smart

  1. After reading all these, I wonder all you from India have only one incident to say ! OMG – I have hundreds like this. I had a male teacher in my high school and he was the hit master. We called him kannappan because he had round cruel eyes. All the lady teachers threaten us saying that they send us to him if we do some thing wrong. I had to go several times. He would ask us to stay on ond side of the table, bend forwad and catch hold of the other end of the table. Then he use his cane to wack us at the back. Once I almost fainted. I was afraid to tell to parents because I will get the remaining wacks from them if I tell. Good old days man !!!

  2. I remember in india when i was in 7th grade, we had a mathematics teacher Mr. Nandan Gosai (still remember his face vividly). So one day, our whole class had’nt done the homework…..except those 2-3 “feel-like-murdering them-goody goody” teacher’s pets present in every classroom in the world……so “Sir” asked me to go outside and fetch a nice and smooth stick from a tree for a mathematics demonstration….i went outside and brought back a nice, long and smooth stick from a mango tree…..that fellow called me only first and hit me 5 times…..on each hand with that stick… for the rest of the class, he hit them only once on each hand…………….


  3. Had my share of being made to run in 110 degree F heat, etc. and being rapped across the knuckles in Indian schools, but I also met some of the best and most caring teachers I have ever met. It is funny, I still remember some of what I learned from them. But my favourite moment was when I met a person who was in the same school as I was in when I was at a party. Suddenly 2 adults were transformed into babbling kids sharing fond tales of “inder ma’am’ ‘bonnie ma’am….”

  4. I dont know about beatings in school but one thing i remember is that in grade 6 i had this really fat mean teacher and all she did day and day after was talk about her little nephew jeez she just wouldnt hut up ofcoarse because of this we would get bad grades and she would tell our parents that we talk alot!!!!! hate her moved schools cause i couldnt tolerate her anymore.

  5. Wow! That’s scary. I don’t know about others but I love school. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me(lmao..more like the only thing that’s ever happened o_O). So, yeah! I’ve always liked school(call me weird if you want to, but even my friends share the same opinion). And the teachers never even touch anyone.Except maybe when I was in 2nd grade or something, there was one teacher who loved threatening to hit kids(mostly boys) on their knuckles with a ruler. Jeez! I don’t quite remember but we used to be terrified of her. She even looked creepy. S_S And one day, she hit a kid on his knuckles. The next day, the parents came to complain to the principal. It wasn’t that much of a big issue but any sort of violence is strictly forbidden in our school, so the teacher had to apologize to the parents(No, she didn’t apologize to the kid!). Yup, that’s it I guess. I don’t remember anything much.