‘Oops!… I Did It Again’

I hate to be the Celebrity Nazi, but this must not pass unremarked. We’ve noted the hackish tendencies of the Times of India web site before. Check out yesterday’s doozy (via Kush): the ToI’s photo implied that Britney Spears’ first husband was Jason Alexander, the rotund comedian who played George Costanza on Seinfeld.

Of course, the young rake they’re really after is Jason Allen Alexander of ‘I was Britney Spears’ love slave for 55 hours’ infamy.

“I never thought the wedding was a joke. I was serious about everything I said. But being married to Britney Spears was shit…” [Link]

Maybe the ToI should hire some of those call center people who watch American sitcoms all day. No fact-checking for you!

In other news, I was married to Carmen Electra for 55 hours. Uh, that’s Carmen Electra of Oskaloosa, Kansas

33 thoughts on “‘Oops!… I Did It Again’

  1. ToI is the biggest kaka-poo newspaper in the world. I don’t think they’re reached the level of fact ‘checking’ – they need facts first.

  2. Cricket link

    BTW, has anyone heard of Gujarati men shopping for brides in India? Is this an urban legend …

  3. Al M for D, that link is hilarious. The way they explain cricket, having to put everything in baseball terminology ‘backsweeps, Billy Wagner fastballs, a six is like a home run, and the daft video that plays “Amar’s Baahllywood wife Tejal”. She’s Indian, hence she’s a Bollywood wife. This is why I like the BBC, American TV networks are garbage.

    I wasn’t aware of this either: “Fast pitchers such as India’s Irfan Pathan can throw a missile off the ground at more than 100 mph”. Pathan’s never got that fast. And he’s not a pitcher!

    I mentioned American kirikit in a comment a while back, it’s in a very sorry state.

    Here’s a really funny article on how if it wasn’t for cricket, baseball AND America would not exist! (Warning: Anti-baseball sentiments abound)

  4. hmm… I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with this – it’s one thing to poke fun at poseurs or typos – but if the subtext is fat people should stick to their phenotype or risk being mocked … – am not that naive to say, “that’s just not fair” – but surely… you could blunt the barb manish, no?

  5. … I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with this…

    It’s not the chub, it’s the Lenny Kravitz goggles. You don’t want to pick someone who’s genuinely unattractive by mainstream standards because that would be mean-spirited. You just want to pick someone slightly unfashionable.

    Besides, if you click the link, I don’t think this model is lacking for exposure– she’s in a humorous ad campaign for shoes. Here’s her male counterpart.

  6. Germanic blondie lovers (Al_M, RTA etc) of SM unite!! One of your womenfolk (almost) is being mocked and assailed in the commons. Be men, rise to the occasion and defend her honor. She has feelings too…

  7. Maybe we can all call TOI and yodel “CantStandYa…” to them. Surely, they deserve it.

  8. To be fair to TOI-let paper they laid the byline-cum-blame at the door of “The Agencies” — ..oh and that photo of Jason ‘Contanza’ Alexander is from “The Reuters”…wowziee!!

    such a piece of BS, this TOI.

  9. In other news, I was married to Carmen Electra for 55 hours. Uh, thatÂ’s Carmen Electra of Oskaloosa, Kansas

    hahhaha, as long as you woke up before she realised you were a male human, you’re ok.

  10. The print edition sucks too. barely 10 pages and most pages are ads and scoiety boolywood hoolywood news. The street kids in bomby were selling me a great Leftist literate paper…does anyone know the name?

  11. Yeah, “I never thought the wedding was a joke. I was serious about everything I said. But being married to Britney Spears was shit…” Poor guy, guess the perfume he bought at Britney Spears Perfumedidn’t do the trick. Ha ha.

  12. I love this blooper—and I had been joking about it since it happened back in 2004. Glad to see that the Times of India happily plays to my sense of humour.    More recently I spotted another item that the Times of India got terribly wrong: a story about Miranda Kerr, the Australian model, that didn’t even happen!    Now with these two gaffes, I will have to take anything in the Times of India with a grain of salt.

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