The Ravages of Mutiny

Tonight, at the stroke of the midnight hour, marks the one year anniversary of the launch of Sepia Mutiny.  We would like to thank our readers (especially those who have left insightful comments) for taking time out of your busy schedules to participate.  Loss of productivity at your jobs is our collective gain.  In the past year our website has received just under 1,000,000 visits without a single lawsuit filed against us.  That alone is cause for celebration.

But alas, all is not well.  Fomenting a mutiny in the Blogosphere takes a physical and emotional toll on one, as some of the bloggers who visit our site know well.  I won’t presume to speak for my fellow mutineers, but my own life has fallen into a downward spiral worse than that faced by any heroin addict.  Hours spent attempting to fight the good fight has transformed me much as Mangal Pandey was transformed in his day:

Those who are familiar with blogosphere lingo know that the term “Pajamahadeen” is sometimes used to describe a blogger.  The two pictures below were taken only two days apart.  On the left you see me on August 6th of last year.  On the right is my countenance as it was on August 8th.  Just two days of Mutiny had taken a heavy toll.  I don’t really go out in public anymore, and hopes for a “girlfriend” are quickly fading.  Frankly, you’d be disgusted by my appearance.  What is worse is that the delusions of grandeur I suffer have led me to adopt the name “Mangal Pagal”.  Even my phone bill has that name.  Again, I thank you all sincerely and hope you keep visiting our site.  Please be aware though that blogging comes with a heavy price.  I ain’t pretty no more.

38 thoughts on “The Ravages of Mutiny

  1. SM has opened my mind to so many issues, cultural events, and views. Thank YOU SM for taking time out of your busy North Dakota lives to keep us South Asians abreast of most things South Asian.


  2. Now, if we could just stop Anna from ever mentioning MIA or Harry Puttar, this place would be perfect. SM is a wonderful place to come and hang out with other fellow Desis (whether you are Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis or whatever) I definitly don’t agree with a lot of your views on things but I enjoy your insightful comments on all the wideranging topics. Keep up the good work!

  3. Now, if we could just stop Anna from ever mentioning MIA or Harry Puttar, this place would be perfect

    happy birthday SM. and look, now we can all sip haterade at your party!

  4. That’s hardly ANNA doing either. Almost all of us (except maybe myself and Vinod) have blogged on MIA, and I don’t think that ANNA has blogged more about Hari Puttar than the rest of us. Sure, we’re guilty of propagating a few desi memes, but we’re not too snobby to admit it and enjoy it.

  5. ANNA – blog as you please, be it harry puttar, or MIA — as long as its coming from you ANNA lova’ here is reading.

    So people where is the 1 year Bash ??

  6. Good work guys & girls!!! Love seeing all this desi-oriented news, humor, etc. I’m a newbie to the whole desi culture, BUT learning a lot.

  7. anna and HP? I thought she detested the series….

    abhi is hot either way… but definitely hotter after the blog has taken its toll. 5 o’clock shadow… yum.

    congrats to SM from the house gori! :)

  8. Abhi over Aamir Khan anyday. (even cricket playing Lagaan Aamir Khan!)

    yeah, the unshaven look seems to work on the SM men…

  9. GR8 job guys. This is definitely my favorite blog. Hope this lasts a long time.

    SM Zindabad

  10. … any reason why 7th Aug and not 30th July?

    It’s not to take anything away from Anna’s witty ‘Hello world.’ Aug. 7th was the first post on the domain.

    Fair warning, this is pure navel-gazing:

    On July 30th last year, Abhi sent out an email to his favorite desi bloggers inviting them to join a group blog, thinking we’d sit and chew it over for awhile.

    We, being geeks, put up a test blog the same day ;) We hadn’t chosen a name yet– you can thank an inspired Anna moment during a group brainstorm for that. went live on August 6th last year. The first post on the new domain came out on August 7th.

  11. SM is a wonderful place to come and hang out with other fellow Desis (whether you are Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis or whatever)

    I wholeheartedly agree. Hip hip hooray – long live Sepia Mutiny. Thanks to all the mutineers for your efforts.

  12. Thanks Manish. That’s exactly the trivia I was looking for. From here on, all SM commenters will thank me for having asked that, won’t they? :)

  13. Judging Abhi’s “surprised” before picture, I thought his family – concerned about his girl troubles – had him “arranged” . Ekdum 1857 issthyle, shotgun and all. Thankfully, looking at the “after” picture the dark hours seem to have passed, mutineers give it up for Abhi — SPACE COOLIE ;-) — always the fashion trendsetter. Anyways, Abhi and other mutineers – many many thanks for all the good times.

  14. Hmmmm. It seems my months as a shut-in may be at an end. “Well-carved jaw” is a phrase I shall only hear once in my life though :) Thanks again everyone.

  15. congrats sepia mutiny..I enjoy reading ur blog on south asian topics.
    would love to see more blogging on south asian literature, culture.. thank u for blogging.

  16. Suhail – I found that pretty interesting too, thanks!

    Abhi is

    certainly as handsome as sin with his straight, aristocratic nose; hard, carved jaw; and solid, broad-shouldered build. There. You’ve heard it twice ;)
  17. I can’t believe this site has only been around for 1 year. I think in one year it has pretty much at least touched on all of the sundry issues that face us as browns. Not a bad feat.

    My anniversary gift to you guys is my promise to not call anyone a ‘HN’ for atleast one year.

    AM I will pick up the slack. :-)

    I don’t really go out in public anymore, and hopes for a “girlfriend” are quickly fading.

    Abhi you keep complaining how blogging is killing your social life, but after reading these comments, I’m not convinced! Anyway, all you gotta do is have a real-life meeting of sepia mutineers, preferably in a lounge/bar environment featuring alcohol, and I’m sure your concerns will be…ahem…accounted for.