Worst timing ever

There’s a big charity drive running in New York. Its ads, splashed all over the sides of NYC buses, contain pictures of enormous backpacks. The drive’s military-sounding name? Operation Backpack NYC.

Operation Backpack benefits homeless children in the Greater New York area by outfitting them with backpacks full of new school supplies in September… A typical twelfth grader is 17-18 years old and needs a larger backpack. Look for backpacks with classic colors and sturdy builds. [Link]

They’re asking New Yorkers to equip 10,000 largely brown teens with overstuffed backpacks. But no food containers, please.

Worst… timing… ever!

In other news, V for Vendetta is releasing shortly. It’s a movie about blowing up downtown London.

4 thoughts on “Worst timing ever

  1. One film which might be worth watching is a 20+ year film starring Sean Connery: Wrong Is Right

    The plot summary (taken from an Amazon review )

    A buffoonish US President from Texas (with a token black woman on his White House staff) finds out (during an election year) that an Arab terrorist group is planting two bombs in the World Trade Center in NYC.

    His critics say there is no evidence of these WMDs. In the end, he “finds” the bombs and uses it as justification to invade the Arab country he suspects of planting them. The Arab country, it turns out, had nothing to do with the planned WTC attack. Actually, the CIA planted the bombs as part of the president’s re-election strategy. (This fact remains a secret from the public).

    Even though the president has the lowest approval ratings ever, he gets a boost from the unjustified war in the Middle East and wins re-election (and his cronies in Texas get control of the Arab oil fields).

    Life does imitate art sometimes.

  2. V for Vendetta is about alternative reality future similair to 1984 … it has little bearing on present day london

  3. Roommate today: “Dude… I’ve realized something man.” “Yes, Josh?” “Man, if it ain’t those bloody freemasons behind every conspiracy, it’s definitely a group of Indian restaurant owners man…” “An appalling sentiment but interesting nonetheless. Thank you, Josh.” “You want me to put this out man?” “If you want to…”

    What can I say? The guy’s abstract thinking is amazing.