Mutineer Meetup in SF– Wess Siiiiide! (updated)

I’m going going back back to Cali Cali, in preparation for BlogHer, a conference dedicated to amplifying women’s voices. I’m just giddy. What a privilege to represent this blog (and all of you!) on a panel at an event that features DOOCE. ;)

What IS BlogHer? What, the cool use of “amplify” didn’t do it for you?

Where are the women bloggers? We’re right here. . .
BlogHer Conference ’05 will be the first of its kind, an opportunity for the female blogging community to meet in person. It will set the agenda for future BlogHer networking and enhance women’s influence in the blog community.
The event will include onsite mixers and informal meet-ups for attendees seeking to network in their areas of interest. BlogHer will even set aside a “Room of Your Own” to enable attendees to form impromptu sessions. A pre-event mixer will be held in close proximity to the conference site the evening before. Also, BlogHer will designate space for vendor demonstrations, where bloggers can explore which solutions work best for their needs.


Speaking of mixers, I’d love to mix with some of our Northern California-based Mutineers. If you missed Manish and Vinod in New York, come hang out this Sunday, though I’m a sad consolation prize in comparison to the man who was featured at our right-coast line up. :D

What say you? I’ll be exhausted, but on fire from BlogHer and I’d love to give you all the dirt from Saturday’s conference–in person. Who’s in?

TIME: 5pm
SPACE: Caffe Greco
PLACE: 423 Columbus Ave,San Francisco,CA

10 thoughts on “Mutineer Meetup in SF– Wess Siiiiide! (updated)

  1. ..I would love to, but I live in the East Coast….I know I didn’t need to comment this…

  2. Blogher ROCKED my boat. surrounded by talented women bloggers is a great way to spend a saturday. =)

    Anna gave big ups to SEPIA. And, I’m not going to ruin her big surprises (can i just say she is Ms. Pop U. Lar). Anyway, I just wanted to give Sepia my thanks for introducing me to this blogging world. I hope to one day return the thanks. =)

  3. surrounded by talented women bloggers is a great way to spend a saturday. =)

    Yeah. Thanks for rubbing it in :)