Showbiz round-up: Where to shoot without getting shot

Have camera, but where to travel?: Each year insurance broker Aon releases a map that highlights the risks of filming in every country on the planet (via Filmmaker Magazine). Filmmakers use it to avoid hotspots that could derail production, while reality television producers no doubt use it to locate trouble-ready destinations. This may explain why such programs are increasing their visits to India, which ranks rather poorly in the survey.

Kleenex shortage on the set: There’s a new desi independent film entitled “Anokha.” Based on the trailer, it appears to be about crying, and nothing but crying.

Letter arranging contest: The 78th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee is June 1-2. Catch all the dorky goodness live when ESPN broadcasts the event on Thursday at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. EST. The cable network’s print ad is to the right.

Obligatory M.I.A. update: Here’s a torrent of her passing through the cone zone (Quicktime, 11 MB, 4 mins.). Requires a BitTorrent downloader — PC, Mac.

Revenge of the rack: Shilpa Shetty versus Mallika Sherawat. Discuss.

10 thoughts on “Showbiz round-up: Where to shoot without getting shot

  1. seriously. How the heck can you even compare her against Shilpa Shetty – YECH! We DEMAND an article in which you defend your choice of competitors!

  2. It’s like comparing a pair of watermelons with a pair of apples – its just not happening. This is an unfair contest.

  3. Yep, it’s all about Mallika winning this round. I really don’t see where the contest lies – although it looks like Mallika has some SERIOUS scaffolding helping her out. S’all love though….

  4. I dunno who actually won the contest. But Shilpa did stay on the Most Viewed Photos and Most Emailed Photos lists in Yahoo! Photos for a good 3 days or so.

    JJJ? Is that like a prequel to KKK?

  5. Malika easily wins the battle of the rack. but you’ve got to give it up for Shilpa and those abs — holy cow!

  6. Shilpa’s got an amazing body– actually they both do– but her face is… less-than. Actually she kind of has the Michael Jackson nose, and that scares me.

  7. Nice one, CSSW!! Nah, its actually the sequel to KKK. The prequel was FFF – Fly, Foxy and Fun. But I lost that qualification. However, i dont think Shilpa ever had it – she definitely doesn’t rock my boat.

  8. May I suggest revenge of the booty. Kareena has hands down, the best booty in BOLLYWOOD.