Teachers told to cover up hot bods

Female instructors in the Indian city of Bhubaneswar have been ordered to stop dressing like sexy teachers, and start looking more like naughty housewives:

“The unconscious exposure of a body by a lady teacher during teaching could be an object of amusement for male students inside the classroom,” K.C. Satpathy, the principal of DAV Public School, was quoted in The Times of India newspaper as saying. “By wearing an apron, the quality of teaching could improve” … Women’s groups are outraged. “What does the principal expect? Should women teachers come to classes clad in burqas?” Katuri Mohapatra, a woman’s activist, told The Hindustan Times newspaper. [Reuters/Yahoo!]

4 thoughts on “Teachers told to cover up hot bods

  1. Reminded me of my hot English teacher(ma’am) in school.wonder how she is doing. She made Shakespere so much more interesting. A BIG SIGH!!

  2. What better way to draw attention to your body than to wear an apron.. Might as well wear a sign saying ‘Hot Bod Inside!’. Now every kid will have his/her attention drawn to the apron. They are definitely setting themselves up to be the biggest laughing stock in the city 🙂

  3. Teachers are certainly hot (well some of them) and this is a move which should be derided by one and all.

    There should be student protest on this one

    “Keep the fun back into education! Let the teachers stay hot”

    Oh, those flat bellies and bare midriffs…