More New York Times Weddings and Celebrations

Even though this is no longer an infrequent occurrence, I love it that Desi weddings are making a regular appearance in the New York Times Vows section, and thus feel the need to blog them from time-to-time. This weeks entry: the wedding of Geeta Chopra, or as many may know her–Citygirl, founder of SALAAM theatre.

GEETA CHOPRA wears a heart drawn with eyeliner on her cheek and answers her cellphone saying, “Citygirl,” a surname she adopted in college. “She is bubbly down to her handwriting,” her sister, Mona, said. Ms. Chopra, 33, is the founder and artistic director of a five-year-old theater company called Salaam, short for South Asian League of Artists in America. Last March she was steeped in her job, and getting married, she said, was low on her list of priorities. That month, during previews of the Broadway musical “Bombay Dreams,” Ms. Chopra orchestrated a splashy pre-opening party in the K Lounge, a night spot in Midtown…

Oh and make sure to check and see if nytimes wedding and celebrations blog has a different take on the Times’ piece.

9 thoughts on “More New York Times Weddings and Celebrations

  1. Check out this Parsi wedding announcement:

    … Dr. Sherri Treasurywala would wake up at 7 a.m., put on her Reeboks and jog along the Hudson River. She followed up with aerobics and ballet and then rested ahead of a busy week as a director of business development… They were raised in Bombay and were childhood friends… Mr. Mistry’s doubts would have been assuaged had he known that during their courtship, his fiancée was engrossed in reading ”A Suitable Boy,” a Vikram Seth novel about Indian marriages.

    Also, that’s two weddings now publicly credited to Bombay Dreams.

  2. Geeta Chopra wears a heart drawn with eyeliner on her cheek and answers her cellphone saying, “Citygirl,” a surname she adopted in college.

    Jeebus … what did they put in my coffee this morning?

  3. “Dr. Sherri Treasurywala” might be the best Britishized name ever. I wonder if she has second cousins named “Dr. EnvironmentalProtectionAgencywala” and “Mr. HealthAndHumanServiceswala.”

  4. i LOVED it. and your “surprisingly down with brown” characterization? ooooo-eee, billy babu…he’s downer than that. he’s downer than i am. 🙂 yowza. he’s so down, people in his comments section are discussing it.

    i think i’ll have to part ways with MV on this “veiled conceit” masterwork…it’s WAY better than the taming of the Toure. 😀

  5. Lets leave the Parsis alone. They have funky names.

    My uncle knew someone named, I swear, Sodabottleopenerwallah.

    There is pretty much no cooler name on the planet.

  6. Yeah, I’m w/ANNA on this one – VC rocked the shred, absolutely fabulous. Veerapan? Kumbh Mela? Very down w/the brown! But being surprised at having 500 wedding guests – amateur!