More stupid Radio tricks.

The Beeb reports that Montreal’s CKAC-AM has been “ordered to make a full apology” for their December 2003 broadcast of nasty remarks about the Sikh community. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC), a self-regulatory body, censured the station after a listener called them out on “racism of the first order”.

Psychiatrist Pierre Mailloux, host of the Doc Mailloux phone-in show on Montreal’s CKAC-AM station, had referred to Sikhs as a “gang of bozos”.

Want some more of the bad Doctor’s magic?

“You cultural communities come from a wacko country. You live a wacko culture. Don’t bring it with you. That’s the message to convey,” he said.
Mailloux, referring to immigrants’ attitudes, said: “I flee northern India because the Sikhs are a gang, a gang of bozos, and then I bring all that with me. No, no, you really don’t get it. If you flee your country because it makes no sense, then don’t bring those senseless things with you.”

Uh, I think YOU make no sense, Doctor Mailloux.The CBSC did state that Mailloux has a right to his ultra-conservative views, but they also found that freedom of speech doesn’t include the freedom to be a jackass.

…the investigating panel said that in targeting an identifiable group “he crosses the line of entitlement and loses the benefit of the shield of free expression”.
“The panel considers that the host is entitled to espouse his chauvinistic intolerance until such time as his disrespect leaks into individual races and nationalities, as it did when he referred to the Sikhs as “a gang of bozos”.
The CSBC said Mailloux should show “more compassion and reserve concerning immigrants”.

You think?

Well done, CSBC. You could teach Power 99 and Hot 97 a thing or five about compassion…

3 thoughts on “More stupid Radio tricks.

  1. “You cultural communities come from a wacko country. You live a wacko culture…a gang of bozos.”

    Do all his epithets have to end in a vowel, or is that all part of his “famous doctor” shtick ala Dr. Nick Riviera?

  2. You have no idea of the penchant of Canadians and upper midwesterners to punch up their sentences with vowels, do you, eh? What are you, some kind of southie? Uff da!

    With that name, he’s probably Quebecois or a descendant of Huguenots who fled France themselves. So soon they forget.

  3. Heard the new pope will be an evangalizer. Hope the new pope will be able to convert idol worshipping hindoo pagans.