Maharashtra shutters dance bars

Why do we always find out about breeding grounds for prostitution only after they shut down:

The Indian state of Maharashtra says it is closing its numerous dance bars because they are a breeding ground for crime and prostitution. Only the state capital, Mumbai (Bombay) has been spared for now – pending further inquiries. The state has about 1,500 dance bars employing more than 100,000 women who mostly dance Bollywood numbers. [BBC News]

BBC News: Maharashtra shuts dance-girl bars

5 thoughts on “Maharashtra shutters dance bars

  1. As a marathi man I must say that it is because we are excessively horny.I apologize to downplay the horniness of other indian men, as I know my guju punju and U.P. friends are also horny, but you see, we marathi “agni in our chudis”. So fogive us for our dance bars where whe go to watch our mulgis to some chaan-chaan dancing for us.

    hai ram