“Street Cred” as a ladies man

“With great power comes great responsibility.” So Spiderman’s uncle tells him. Raj Bhakta knows just what Uncle Ben was talking about. From the Vail Daily:

Since starring on “The Apprentice,” local Raj Bhakta has earned some major street credit as a ladies man.

Raj was a special guest doing commentary at the ceremony where Yahoo announced its earnings. Raj was chosen because he had the most hits on Yahoo out of all the characters on “The Apprentice.” He even pinned a bow tie on the CEO.

“A group of three guys, Indian guys – who are not the smoothest guys with women, generally – come up to me afterward and they were asking me, seriously, about what to do to get girls,” said Raj. “Like I know what the hell I’m doing. I’m saying things like ‘pony up’ on national television.”

Ahh yes. I too share in Raj’s pain. What? I have street cred. Fine, whatever.

“I don’t do anything differently than what all other guys are thinking of doing. I just do it. A guy sees Anna Kournikova. Anna Kournikova is a beautiful sex symbol in America. You want to try to take Anna Kournikova out. So what the hell, try.”

In addition to disseminating advice to the young playas out there, Raj would like to continue with his political venture,

His long-term ambition is to serve the people in a political realm, inspired by his successful immigrant parents who have given him a unique perspective into the greatness of America.

“America has one sacred duty to all of its citizens and that is to give them a fighting chance. There needs to be a middle of the road, representing young people – rational people – who believe in small government and freedom. Things that we all hear about that are slowly being stripped away,” said Raj.

2 thoughts on ““Street Cred” as a ladies man

  1. has earned some major street credit

    that’s what street cred stands for?? I always thought the ‘cred’ was for ‘credibility’

    -D (proving that I have…none)