Desi Sex in the City

sx291200513110.jpgAn interesting premise that seems to have gone nowhere -

SaharaOne’s much hyped show, Kuch Love Kuch Masti, a spin off on the global hit Sex and the City may not live long enough to see its end. The show about three urban girls who have no qualms discussing love and sex started off with alot of razzmatazz. The media and audiences were curious to see if the show lives up to the comparisons made with its foreign counterpart.

When faced with accusations of copyright violations, the show’s producer responds in tres Desi fashion – indignant denial -

When asked about the show drawing inspiration from the global hit Sex and the City, he is quick to claim, “I don’t know why these comparisons are made, but the show is definitely not a take off on Sex and the City.”

Having seen Indian Superman, call me a skeptic. ;-)

One thought on “Desi Sex in the City

  1. …but let’s remember the rule of copyright:

    You can’t protect the idea, only the specific expression of the idea.

    I doubt, when push came to shove, that anyone would have a viable CR claim here. The themes and characters are pretty generic at this point.