Wealthy skanks complicate “The Simple Life” for mechanic

Laughs were aplenty during last night’s season premiere of Fox’s “The Simple Life,” when socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie shared their shocking blend of ignorance and helplessness with a no-nonsense desi mechanic.

The reality show inserts Hilton, heiress to the hotel fortune by the same name, and Ritchie, daughter of singer Lionel Ritchie, into fish-out-of-water situations. The past two seasons placed the bicoastal, hard-partying pair in a small farming town, and on a road trip through rural America. The current season assigns them internships in a wide range of fields.

Hilton and Ritchie’s first job landed them in Bayonne, N.J., where they were assigned the seemingly easy tasks of changing oil, customer service and moving cars at Quality Auto Center. Under the supervision of Ketan, the pair showed up late, crashed into cars, alienated customers and stole a police cruiser.

When it came time to evaluate their performance, Ketan gave them appropriate marks:
Customer service: F
Changing oil: D
Appearance: “A for that, for sure.”

“The Simple Life” next airs on February 9 at 8:30 p.m. on Fox.

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