Vikram Chatwal….Actor?

photo.cms.jpgSepia Mutiny’s favorite Desi Playboy never ceases to amaze. His movie “One Dollar Curry” opened up this week in Paris to pretty flattering coverage – Sify reports & graciously links back to Sepia Mutiny

“One Dollar Curry” by France-based Indian filmmaker, journalist and writer Vijay Singh takes a comic look at tolerance while lifting the curtain on an exotic side of the French capital unknown to many visitors. … “One Dollar Curry” is set in the French capital’s well-established home of immigrants from the subcontinent, the 10th district on the northern side, packed with grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores and video rentals with cheap “phone home” facilities, bringing colour and exotic spicy smells to the grey streets. Its star however is Vikram Chatwal, a New Yorker whose family runs a chain of hotels and restaurants in the United States. He plays Nishan, a young Sikh political refugee who hawks curry from a cart in the streets but claims to be related to a line of chefs who cooked for the great names of the world from the Moghul emperors to Winston Churchill and Michael Jackson.

Word on the street is that Chatwal extensively researched the role by dismissing the maid for an evening and doing his own dishes before going to bed.

The Times of India has more.

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7 thoughts on “Vikram Chatwal….Actor?

  1. Hey…….. for starters…. Viks’ just a publicity stunt… he’s a man who i gotta say has built a decent brand for him self… only thing that i can object to is his cocaine habits that i have personally seen…… its screwed up his mind… as for this indian woman he’s gonna marry……. she’s nothing special….. also his father flew down to india in Clinton’s Jet when he visited india… unfortunately for him he had to leave india covertly before the Indian authorities could arrest him and cause an embaressment to Clinton whom he flew down with….. he had some NON Bailable warrents out for his arrest for fraud against the Indian Government whom he had cheated for over $10 Mil USD

  2. hey, Viky’s just an amazing actor,too terrific and extremely marvellous!!he becomes the character he’s supposed to act as… matter what happens…he gives the best out of him…..Anniyan is obviously going to be a record breaker!!Another NATIONAL AWARD awaits vikram 4 this film…..he’s worth it!!!!

  3. Most sane people enjoy a good party, Vic is no exception… I went to college with the guy and have seen him develop since… He is a solid, God (fearing &) loving individual… Once when I needed a set for a film I was preparing to shoot, he was prepared to have Mike Tyson vacate the Penthouse Suite at The Time Hotel… I’ve not seen the film, but I wish him well.

  4. hey vikram is an amazing guy..But finally even he has cut his hair ..which is not good..Just because he did’nt get movies he did.nt need to cut his hair….wht about his dad’s articles that he has nevr cut his hair coz of keeping his sikh heritage..

  5. vikram chatwal…well i really dont even know why i care as much as to write about this guy but here i go, see…i thought vikram could stand as an ambassador for sardar sikhs all over the western world and represent us in the industry he’s in. Him cutting his hair is truley disappointing, giving up your heritage for a role in a film isn’t the way to roll. Having pride in what who your is part of ones identity, now he’s blended in with the rest of the crowd instead of standing out.

  6. Its very disappointing that Vikram Chatwal cut his hair. Would have been nice if he had bigger tuttay and kept it real.