8 Indians cross illegally into Maine

In other news a 1000 Mexicans crossed into Texas…
From the CBC:

American border officials say the arrest of seven people who illegally entered the U.S. from New Brunswick is part of a new trend.

Seven people with Indian passports were arrested in Houlton, Maine on the weekend after crossing the border in a wooded area of New Brunswick.

With major crossing points now under tight security, remote areas of the border are becoming more popular with people who want to sneak in.

How’d they get caught?

The Indian nationals were arrested after authorities noticed them wandering the streets of Houlton in wet, muddy clothes.

Wait, so what you are saying is that brown folks aren’t common in Maine?

One thought on “8 Indians cross illegally into Maine

  1. Actually, the southern parts of Maine seem to have a fairly substantial Cambodian population…