So it was written, so it shall be

I’ve already voted but perhaps its out of my hands anyways. From

The planets favour US Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and would push him to victory over President George W. Bush in the November 2 polls, say Indian astrologers.

“Kerry is likely to beat Bush in the final verdict,” predicts renowned astrologer Ajai Bhambi, also author of the bestseller “Be Your Own Astrologer”.

“Bush’s horoscope shows Saturn, Venus and Mercury. They are all placed in Cancer Lagna and all of them are seen uncomfortable, which is why his election and his tenure have been controversial.

“These three planets are unfavourable to Cancer Lagna and create problems from time to time.”

Added astrologer Lachhman Das Madan: “I reveal the cosmic writ that George Bush cannot become the president of the US again.”

Wow, that sounded sort of Biblical. I’m sure that will get Bush’s attention.

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