Prem or Not to Prem

Attention LA Desi’s – your opportunity to become the next reality TV star is at hand – Reality dating show with a desi twist – The Economic Times

INDIAWEST Champagne-soaked debauchery, fidgeting, uncomfortable good-night kisses, and brazen put-downs – in short, everything we love about TV dating shows – are soon to take on an Indian twist if the creators of a new TV show get their way. “Prem or Not to Prem” bills itself as the first South Asian reality dating show, and they’re looking for contestants in the Los Angeles area to audition this weekend.

Doh! But it appears we Mutineers didn’t get the scoop to our faithful readers quick enough -

Interested singles are invited to audition Sept. 25 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Sheraton Cerritos Hotel at Towne Center, at 12725 Center Court Drive, Cerritos, California.

30 Min to decide if you want to pursue the relationship? Why do they need so much time?

2 thoughts on “Prem or Not to Prem

  1. At the end of the show, each member of the couple will hold up a sign reading “Prem” or “Not Prem,” to announce whether he or she wants to continue the relationship.

    But what if your name is Prem, and you’re holding up a ‘Not Prem’ sign? :)