Jindal’s competition

Although the Republican Congressional candidate from Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District , Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, has the seat pretty much locked up accoriding to most experts, it isn’t stopping some of his five rivals from going after him. What do they have to say? From the Times-Picayune:

“I can’t imagine that someone who’s more to the extreme on some issues will be able to get bipartisan support for some of the needs Louisiana has, like coastal erosion,” [Dan] Zimmerman said, referring to Jindal’s conservative positions.

Opponents of Jindal include,

Roy Armstrong, an officer in Duke’s European-American Unity and Rights Organization; Vinny Mendoza, a retired Air Force officer; Mike Rogers, a health care consultant; Jerry Watts, a retired orthopedic surgeon; and Daniel Zimmerman, a computer technician.

Apparently even existing Congress members are so sure of Jindal’s victory that they are already recruiting him for the House’s Energy Committee even before he’s been elected. From The Hill:

Six weeks before Louisiana voters decide if they want Bobby Jindal to become a member of the House, Rep. Jim McCrery (R-La.) is already lobbying Republican leaders to put the former Bush administration official on a top congressional committee.

It is rare for a freshman lawmaker to be appointed to an Ƃā€œAƂā€ House committee, such as Appropriations, Ways and Means, or Energy and Commerce. But because of his extensive background in healthcare and the broad perception that the Indian-American is a rising star in the party, Jindal may be an exception to the rule.

14 thoughts on “Jindal’s competition

  1. I am forced to question the data that shows Bobby Jindal having this race “locked up”. I travelled around the district this weekend and I spoke with many people in different parishes. Only 1% of the people that I spoke with either said that they are going to vote for Bobby Jindal. They either directly support him, or took the “no abortions, no exceptions” stance on abortion which is a position that is held in this race by Bobby Jindal. I even spoke with a woman today who told me that the issues that I put on the table make her question her support for Bobby Jindal in November. He will get a lot of votes. He may even get a plurality of the votes. However, I cannot view this election as a “lock” after this past weekend.

  2. Daniel Zimmerman, the commenter above, is a candidate running against Jindal

    Bwahahahaha! Somehow, I think that it’s Zimmerman rather than Jindal who’s polling closer to 1% in the polls…. :)

  3. Bwahahahaha! Somehow, I think that it’s Zimmerman rather than Jindal who’s polling closer to 1% in the polls….

    Since no polling data has been released, to my knowledge, since the August 6th qualifying deadline for thie election I have no way of knowing where I stand in the polls.

    And it is probably a very safe bet to assume that I am polling closer to 1% than Bobby Jindal is. Bobby Jindal has name recognition and my name is just starting to get on the map.

    I am just speaking from what I have seen from the people I talk to each and every day in this election. The support is either hiding out and not going to any public events until November second, or the polling data is flawed.

    And since the last poll I saw had 2 individuals that are not even running in the race, you already have to view that poll as being flawed.

  4. There are 2 disturbing things about those pictures.

    1) That they exist. I am an opponant to Bobby Jindal and do not particularly care for the issues that he stands for. However, I would never compare him to a clansman.

    2) That the person who created them does not know what is going on in this race. There was never a “GOP primary” in Louisiana. The general election is an open primary. If nobody gets 50%+1 votes then there is a runoff. The other thing that the person got wrong is that Bobby Jindal wont debate anyone.

  5. I’m not comparing Bobby Jindal to a klansman.

    I’m saying that he’s worse than a klansman.

    Saying that somebody is worse than a Klansman is comparing that person to a Klansman.

    And I will say it again. I do not agree with the policies of Bobby Jindal and his record is not as “shining” as his campaign makes it out to be. But comparing him to a Klansman is wrong because it has nothing to do with his record. And that is what I believe should be the focus of the media and other candidates… his record and the policies that he supports.

  6. You say that he’s better than a klansman. I say that he’s worse than a klansman. Let’s just compromise and agree that he’s equal to a klansman.

    Meeting in the middle is awesome.

  7. jagjit, i like your steez.

    zimmerman may want to use this logic…if he calculates 1% support for Jindal, and the polls calculate N, let’s just apply Naive Bayes and weight them equally!

    hence jindal’s true support is (N+1)/2 %. Viva Zimmerman!

  8. To the owner of this forum….

    I would appreciate if someone would fix my tags in my previous post as it appears that they have been edited to make me look like I have said something that I did not say.

    Thank you.

  9. Your comment has been fixed. Nobody originally edited it– with Movable Type’s default settings, you need to manually break comment lines using the <br> code, or formatting (like italics) is reset in the next paragraph.

  10. Thank you for making the change. I didn’t want anyone to be able to attribute the line that I was quoting as something that I had said.

    And to Super J, I will not agree to say that he is equal to a Klansman. That is not “meeting in the middle” it is taking the low road. I would prefer to discuss Mr. Jindal’s policies and record.

  11. What I want to know is he talks so much about the how the people of Louisiana deserve to have quality health care and insurance that they can afford. But what can he do for people like me I have multiple sclerosis, and addisons disease, wich by the way are both very serious illnesses and have been approved for disability, but I have to waite 2 years for my medicare and make $7.00 to much to qualify for medicaide so I have to go 2 years without health care or decide wether to pay my rent or go to my doctor and forget about seeing the neaurologist that I need to see. now you tell me what does a person in my condition do? And what kind of health care is that? now keep in mind my disabilty check is only $773.00 a month I would like to see him live on that for a while.