Reihan a mutineer?

Since posting about the desi-fication of, I’ve been eagerly waiting for the first posts from Reihan Salam & Siddharth Mohandas- I haven’t been disappointed.

They start by brown-nosing their host

Simply put, Dan Drezner is my hero. I feel really lucky to be here. Now I will abuse this privilege with a long, rambling post that will alienate almost everyone.

Vote of thanks followed by rambling? Sounds like he’s giving a desi wedding toast. Reihan in particular sounds like a good candidate mutineer after his Drezner guestblogger gig is up –

I dig a good rogan josh at least as much as Siddharth, so I figure that, if not my undying love for Panjabi MC and Nehru jackets, makes me an honorary member of the Indian “diaspora” (to use a problematic and widely misused term).
… IÂ’ve always identified very strongly as an American. While I donÂ’t consider myself a national chauvinist (I wouldnÂ’t, for example, pee on someone for being Canadian, let alone set them ablaze, though I might be sorely tempted), I love my native country for fairly old-school nationalist reasons—i.e., not for the Constitution, which is perfectly adequate, but for its language, culture, and a sense that IÂ’m entangled in its troubled-yet-inspiring history. Which is why I think “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” rules so hard. IÂ’ve already seen it three times, and I imagine IÂ’ll see it again very soon. Go watch it. Seriously, it rules.

Anyone who identifies PMC & H&K as high points of the American cultural ethos qualifies in my book 😉 [yes, I know PMC is Brit, but you get my meta-point…]

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