Taz’s First DC SM Meetup — This Sunday!

Chaat.jpgThis week Desis will be congregating in the nation’s capitol for SAALT‘s South Asian Summit (registration is closed, but tickets still available for the Change Maker Award). Both Abhi and I will be sitting on panels for the summit and we were thinking, why not incorporate a classic Sepia Mutiny meetup into the mix?

So how about it? A ‘Chaat and Chai’ 4-7 pm Sepia Mutiny Meetup on Sunday April 26th? Though D.C. was home way back in the days, I’ve never been to a D.C. meetup, and would be really excited to meet Chocolate City’s mutineers.

What I need from you:

  1. RSVP in the comments with your e-mail address if you can make it.

  2. Recommendations for the perfect chaat and chai joint for our meetup.

If you’ve never been to a meetup, it’s basically a space where fun is had, friends are made, faces are finally put to handles. It’ll be fun, promise and totally worth the trip to kick it with Mutineers, new and old. Open to bloggers, commenters, lurkers, and the de-lurked. Yes, that means you. Come. Join us. Continue reading

Chennai Meetup?

UPDATE: Chennai Meetup at Ponnusamy Hotel, Royopettah, 55/1, Gowdia Mutt Road, Royapettah, Chennai – 600014

@ approximately 8 p.m., after the reading at Landmark (see details for that below).

Hi Mutineers,

I’m reading at the Landmark in Nungambakkam on Friday. I was thinking… meetup after? What location would be convenient? The reading is at 6:30 p.m., so I figure that I’ll be freeish by 8 at the latest. Somewhere in that same neighborhood would be good.

Please put any ideas in comments if you are interested.

Thanks… Continue reading

SF Meetup on Friday, February 6 is Cancelled.


Sorry mutineers. Not enough RSVPs for me to justify driving 250 miles in inclement weather. Lesson for next time? PLEASE RSVP. To the four of you who did, my sincerest thanks and appreciation. I have emailed each of you.

The bad news is, the meetup is cancelled. The good news is, you can always bug Uncle Vinod to host another one…he still lives on this coast. ;)



I’m bumping this post back up to the top because I need to confirm who is coming/to where/at what time. Doing this is easier than writing a new post…and THEN a reminder post, tomorrow.

There’s a lot of info in the comments below, and I don’t have the time, will, or reliable wifi to paste it all in a new post. Just scroll towards the bottom, where I’ve (hopefully) answered everyone’s questions.

Once you’ve read all that, if you could leave a comment (or send an email*) to indicate whether or not you are coming, that would be super helpful. One Three of you just emailed me for details about tomorrow, so I know he’s they’re in– that makes two four of us, who have RSVP’d. :)

If you can make it to Udipi in the Mission at 6:30, let us know! Since our group is smaller this time, I’m excited about actually being able to hear some of you…now who’s in?

*my name at this website dotty com.


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Reminder: SF Meetup is tomorrow, at Udupi

We are 29 hours away from Sepia Mutiny’s next meetup! Let’s meet at 6:30pm, tomorrow, at Udipi in the Mission. If we’re excessively fortunate, they’ll seat us and we’ll be nomming idli, vada and dosa shortly thereafter.

If some of your past experiences indicate anything, we won’t be so lucky, and we’ll have to put our names down for a table and then stare at each other awkwardly, while we wait. KIDDING. We’ll just stare; it won’t be awkward, because that’s what brown people do (oh, the “staring” thing…it could be a whole other post, it could).

Udupi Palace
1007 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 970-8000‎

ACHTUNG, BABY: a gentle reminder that Udupi is CASH-ONLY. Stop by your preferred ATM in advance so that you don’t get charged usurious fees by whatever is nearby. You’ve been warned. :)

If you’re running late, email me so I know to include you when I request a table. anna at sepiamutiny dotty com. See you soon! :) Continue reading

San Francisco SM Meetup, December 5? [UPDATED...again]

I can hardly remember the last time I attended an SF meetup, so that clearly means it’s time to host another one!

I am home for the first time in 14 months and I’d love to see all of you yay-urrea mutineers, readers and lurkers alike. On Saturday, December 6, let’s meet for kappi (fine, or chai) at 4pm. While I always champion my beloved, Illy-serving Caffe Greco, in North Beach, I am open to other suggestions, especially if they’re easier to travel to/park at AND the food/libations are excellent. I’d suggest Vik’s (first. Berkeley/east Bay. meetup.) but I’m sure it will be impossible for us to snag tables etc.

Leave suggestions and ideas in the comments below. I return to D.C. on December 7th, so I hope to see some of you soon! :)


Update: It seems like a lot of you are busy that Saturday, which makes me wonder if Friday would be easier. Please let us know: which is better, Friday night or Saturday afternoon? …which is why it’s great that we are meeting up on FRIDAY, at Udupi, at 7pm.

Any tips about whether it is better to go at, say 6:30 or 7:30 or anything else you know which could make this go smoother would be greatly appreciated.

Also, start pondering a chill place which we could go to after Udupi– ideally somewhere we’d still be able to hear each other. :) Thanks! Continue reading

Reminder: DC SMeetup #9 is TOMORROW, at 12pm.


Reservations have been made for 16 of us, at Noon.

While I can certainly appreciate the appeal of IST, please note that the Brunch buffet ENDS by 2:30pm, so if you really want to get your $12′s worth of yummy Northie food, get your kundis to Heritage India at a reasonable hour.

If you have not RSVP’d, but are in the area, feel free to pop in– you may not be sitting with everyone, but hopefully, you can nom nearby. :)

Place:Heritage India Dupont
1337 Connecticut Avenue NW

Metro: Red (Dupont Circle) or Blue/Orange (Farragut West)

Time: Noon – 2:30pm (but we may go elsewhere, once we’re kicked out! Hello Cupcake, perhaps :) ?)

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DC Meetup: Brunch this Sunday, October 12?

The best Aloo Tikki evar.jpg

Belowed Chocolateers, it’s been far too long (zomg! almost a whole year!) since we had a DC SM meetup. I think it’s time to remedy that sad situation, especially since some of you may be visiting our brown city for the upcoming holiday weekend.

I propose we brunch at the always excellent (and very tolerant) Heritage India, at noon. They are centrally-located (right under Dupont Circle), metro-accessible, very patient with our antics (Sunny Leone impersonations, anyone?) and best of all, yummeh. The luscious Aloo Tikki pictured above is one of their signature chaat dishes (and as of last night, still ridiculously, mouth-wateringly mirchi-fantastic).

What say you? I’d love to let our host know how big a table to set– last time, we had a sweet group of sixteen. RS-wee-P in the comments, below. And for you Baghdad-by-the-Bay-dwellers…Mama’s comin’ home for Thanksgiving. You done been warned. How’s THAT for folksy?

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Toronto Meet-up Recap

Props to the “Hogtown” mutineers who showed up at Epicure Café this past Saturday. My insult (calling Canada “America Junior” because the RSVP count was low) was certainly uncalled for as over 20 readers and lurkers (and even a few commenters) represented. Neha did an outstanding job picking a place as we had an entire upstairs section to ourselves at a restaurant that overlooked Queen St. in the fashion district. No posts were discussed and no issues debated (except Obama vs. Clinton is a popular topic in Canada as well). To clear up a common misconception, SM Meet-ups are not about who knows the most about topics on the site. Instead, liquor was consumed and a good time was had by all! If you attended and want to see the rest of the pics then email me.

The monkeys in the basement of our North Dakota world blogging headquarters have been throwing around rumors of upcoming DC and NYC meet-ups (in addition to throwing their feces).

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Final Reminder: SM Toronto Meet-up is Saturday

We have received quite a few RSVPs for this Saturday but I honestly expected more from Canada’s most populous city. On this side of the border some people refer to Canda as “America Junior.” I hope this won’t be a “junior-sized” meet-up as well. Neha is primed to make reservations for us. How many will it be for? Just a reminder:

When: Saturday May 24th at 5p.m.
Where: The Epicure Café, Toronto.

Unless I get stopped at the border this is going to happen.
Please RSVP if you haven’t already so we can get an accurate headcount: abhi at sepiamutiny dot com

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